Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County Active Cases: 54 (A new record.) 
  • Texas. Talk about record setting, we get another "Oh, my!" day. And you want death numbers because you are still skeptical? I'll give you death numbers.

  • Decatur anecdotal evidence of mask enforcement: Walmart wasn't letting people in yesterday who did not have a mask on. That was causing some anger from the give-me-liberty-because-I-want-to-risk-spreading-death crowd.
  • This "Should schools be open?" question is a really wild one. Teachers, by and large, want the beginning of school delayed.  And, despite all these threats of "We will open the schools!" by Trump, I don't think we are factoring in the possibility of a collective "Screw that!" from teachers across the country who then stage a walk out. 
  • Oh, here's a first grade teacher from Arizona who just died after teaching virtual summer school in Arizona. She worked  "in the same room as two other teachers [who went] above and beyond in taking precautions against the spread of the virus while teaching in the same room, but all three contracted COVID-19."
  • The chance for fall sports? (1) The Ivy League announced yesterday that it was shutting down all sports, including football, (2) The University of North Carolina shut down voluntary workouts after 37 athletes and staff tested positive, (3) The NFL player's union is working on an agreed "opt out" policy for any player that wants without repercussions.
  • Other 'Rona news: (1) The City of Houston announced the Texas Republican Party can't hold their convention there, (2) The Texas Sheriff's Convention scheduled for July in Fort Worth has been cancelled. 
  • Huh? (If you can get past the highlighted part, someone needs to tell him to give up on that insane rant.)
  • The Supreme Court decision on his taxes comes out at 9:00 a.m. today. He hasn't been tipped off, has he? (That's not a prediction on the outcome of the decision on my part.)

  • A little while back, a long time city police officer in Wise County was relieved of his duties after an incident of violence following an arrest. (It's been so hard to confirm anything, that's the best I can do.) 
  • TxDOT is going to put in an overpass on 287 at NRS Ranch Road in Wise County. You know, when the county took over and paved NRS Ranch Road one of the reasons given was that an overpass would be there one day. I didn't think that would ever happen.  I was wrong. But of all the the dangerous areas along 287 in Wise County, that area isn't even on the radar.  What about that death trap right past Rhome where CR 4840 meets 287?  
  • In other traffic news: Expect to see red lights going in at 287 and 380 very soon. 
  • I never watched a complete episode of Glee although the rest of the Family Unit ate it back in the day. I presume they are depressed this morning because one of its stars is missing and presumed dead.
  • My innate ability, known far and wide, to detect a person of questionable character is beginning to go off very loudly whenever I listen to golfer Bryson DeChambeau.
  • On the front page of the Wichita Falls paper this morning we've got a story about whether a very wheels off courthouse lawn area is racist along with comments defending it from the sheriff who has the very wheels off name of David Duke.