Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County Active Cases: 37. That is down 17 from just yesterday. So let me get this straight. The whole state is exploding with cases and we had a one day 30% plummet in cases? And if you attribute it to some type of bookkeeping clean-up, what's the point of having any bookkeeping at all? I continue to be skeptical of the Wise County numbers. 
  • Texas. Look at these numbers. And Gov. Abbott says next week will be worse. 

  • I finally talked to one of the conronavirus victims in Wise County yesterday. "If one more person asks me if it was 'like the flu', I'm going to kill 'em. It's not the flu," he told me. And he is still feeling the fatigue effects and fogginess despite the fact its been over two weeks since he was deemed "recovered." 
  • The Big 10 announced yesterday that it would limit its college football play to conference games over. Folks, the season is going to be cancelled. That announcement is just to soften the final death knell which is coming. (Side note: Man, the Big 10 is the cockiest conference in the country. That announcement was a nuclear bomb which had a ripple effect throughout college football, and they just hauled off an made the decision without consulting with any other conference.)
  • I wasn't familiar with "The Pickles" fine work, but its got some funny observations.

  • I've said it for weeks: There is no way we are having Texas high school football this fall. No. Way. 
  • Not many details are known about this other than a "woman who escaped the home told police her son shot a woman." The whole incidence was pretty close to the Wise County line. 
  • When a Supreme Court opinion starts like this, you know how it is going to end. I've said it before: I continue to be a big fan of Gorsuch and a bigger fan of the way he writes. And it's noteworthy that as the Supreme Court was putting the final touches on this opinion a couple of weeks back, protesters were at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue trying to tear down the statue of Andrew Jackson.
  • Ted Cruz knows this is a lie. (The case simply says that certain major crimes committed in the disputed territory can only be prosecuted by the federal government instead of Oklahoma state authorities.)  He's just lying to get people riled up. But this pretty much demonstrates that Cruz was not born in Texas. He doesn't realize most Texans aren't going to get riled up about Oklahoma losing a lawsuit.
  • I saw this yesterday and didn't remember it from the news recently. Found out it's from 2017 and quite the nationwide who-done-it now.
  • The Texas Republicans are suing the City of Houston for cancelling their convention. The phrase "mere pandemic" is a very odd one. But it legitimately would be a good band name.
  • Look at the bad news: August starts in three weeks.
  • Speaking of Idiocracy, a post by Flavor Flav posing with the Secretary of Treasury and offering a hot political opinion is something I didn't expect to see yesterday. Then again, why am I surprised? 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold
  • Michael Cohen is going back to prison for not agreeing to the terms of his home confinement. Trump's personal lawyer is one of the dumbest men in America. (His lawyer says he wasn't returned to prison for dining out as the Post implies below but because he wouldn't agree to refrain from talking to the media while on house arrest. Still dumb.)