Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It was horrible that two Dallas police officers were shot yesterday. (They, at this moment,  survived). But what happened later was ridiculous. Having a ton of officers run from the hospital in a frenzy to get into a police chase for the suspect is 100% irresponsible. They are too emotional at that point to be involved. 
  • Concerning the suspect, Fox 4 got an interview with his grandmother who said, "He was raised in a Christian church. He's so sweet, and I've never seen him do anything wrong."
  • The Dallas Chief of Police is not politically astute for doing this. 
  • Alright. Alright. Alright.
  • The President of France and Trump spent the day together. This is my favorite photo. 
  • And I stole this from BagOfNothing. This is amazing. The First Lady's outfit is right out of Scarface
  • But at least she is classier than she used to be when Trump decided to make her his third wife.

  • I used to be skeptical about whether sex trafficking exists. Now I'm 100% convinced it does. 
  • The NFL draft in Dallas this weekend will be insane. (But don't worry about how the majority of players drafted are black men who will be forced to take a designated salary without any bargaining power. It reminds me of something. Nevermind, I'll go back to watching Roots right now.)
  • Trump thought this guy, with no experience, would be best to lead the VA. There is no way he gets approval. What did Trump tell you? "I'll hire the best people."
  • Mrs. LL had an amazing ability to never cry. As she gets older, that is changing. The lyrics from Fleetwood Mac's Landslide come to mind: "But time makes you bolder. Even children get older. And I'm getting older, too."