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Anonymous said...

I think Rio may need to go to rehab. He seems to enjoy that a little too much.

DF Rin Tin Tin

Anonymous said...

There should be more praise for the police when things like this happen, they just took 4.5lbs of a deadly drug off of the street. It's time to quit questioning their methods or every time a suspect gets shot. We need to cut them some slack, give them a wide berth and the power to operate without scrutiny. Let them clean up the streets and restore order.

Anonymous said...

They would be better off leaving the dope and giving it to the people in that Rhome article. Man those people need to smoke some good California kush and chill the F out! They are crazy. Their lives are spent going door to door complaining about each other. Come on Texas and legalize medical marijuana so these people will settle down before they have a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

The one that lost the ope didn't own it but when he get's out someone will own him !