Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I had heard of "Purple Drank" before but I learned yesterday of basically the same thing called "Lean" is going around. 
  • It's allergy season which is killing me, but, believable or not, it is causing some "vertigo, or dizzy spells" in Austin. 
  • If you haven't gone down 287 to Fort Worth to see the flowers in the median, you need to. But they aren't bluebonnets, they are pink. (Unless I'm color blind.) 
  • I completely missed that Major League Baseball had a batter set a record for the longest at bat of all time which lasted 12 minutes and 45 seconds. The batter fouled off 16 pitches, including 10 in a row before finally flying out.
  • There are a lot of new faces on Fox 4 News. Something is going on over there. 
  • I'm now reading Elmer Gantry (yep, I had never read it before.) It is completely different than I expected and pretty hard hitting. The prose by Sinclair Lewis are beautiful, but I wonder if that book would even get published today. 
  • Grand Prairie police shot and killed a man at Ikea. 
  • Alabama closed state offices yesterday for "Confederate Memorial Day." Those people won't give it up. 
  • How I've never been to the Civil War Museum in White Settlement (pause), is a mystery to my own mind. The great Robert Wilonsky did. 
  • Any chance this is the first time Trump has ever picked up a shovel?:
  • Mrs. LL and I have a bit about who can create the best hummingbird water for a feeder. She now says, "Say my name!"