Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Funniest thing I've heard lately about those who hate the Confederate statues being taken down: "You should have won the war."
  • Anyone else notice that some cars were driving very slowly on 4/20?
  • As a guy who now has seen two kids experiencing high school, watching The Breakfast Club seems much different than when I first saw it. John Hughes was a master at understanding the human condition. 
  • Mrs. LL and I are now five episodes deep into Green Acres. Mrs. LL loves it. 
  • Ted Cruz writes an article praising Trump in Time magazine? That after what Trump did to him in the election? ("Lyin' Ted"). And Cruz once said we would "plunge into the abyss" under a Donald Trump presidency. Crooks and Liars. 
  • This should freak us all out
  • Mark Cuban once said: If you can't spot the sucker in the room in a business meeting, that person is you. That's the dumbest thing ever said. It presumes you are the smartest man in the room. 
  • This photo, posted by a former NFL kicker, caused controversy this weekend. I'll cut him a break. #BitsAreFun
  • This was in the Messenger this week and it referenced one of the greatest articles of all time that they published. One of their young reporters went and ran naked at a Wise County nudist colony.:
  • I watched Gladiator again this weekend. This line stuck out to me: "Fear and wonder. A powerful combination." (I'll put that movie in my Top 10.)
  • Trump went on a crazy Twitter rant this weekend. It is too much to keep up with.
  • You have to love politics to do want to see this, but Kellyanne Conway losing it over the weekend during a CNN interview borders on bizarre. 
  • My father disclosed yesterday that as a young man he was paid $1 to dispose of a dead dog at the request of Bridgeport's Chief of Police, was allowed to take the Chief's car, and decided he would do comedy by firing up the siren as he came back into downtown Bridgeport. I'm still laughing. (He pulled up behind two DPS Troopers' cars -- the only two troopers assigned to Wise County at the time.)
  • Four people were killed, and many more injured, by a white naked guy with an AR-15 this weekend in Tennessee. The insanity was stopped by an unarmed black guy.  
  • Sean Hannity uses government welfare and prays on the poor? Who would have thought? And the fact this came to light because he is one of the three clients for the Dumbest Lawyer In America is gold.