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Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong here. My profit margin comes before American tradition. 1%-2%-3% just not enough profit for 2018 modern big business.

DF Carl Icahn

Anonymous said...

I am familiar with two of the towns mentioned in the article, Perryton and Claude. In Perryton there is a busy McDonalds basically across the street from the now closed Dairy Queen building which was basically falling down on itself. The DQ in Claude was a little but not much better and a new combo truck stop/Subway is 100 yards away. I think the article is trying to draw some big socio-economic conclusion when the reality is that DQ didn;t compete very well. I don't especially like either McDonalds or Subway but I would go to either of those places that are not falling down versus those DQ's with 50 years of deferred maintenance.

Anonymous said...

11:03 is spot on! Not to mention that the quality of food went downhill over the years while all the competition was retooling their menus.

Consequently, Dairy Queen is big in parts of Canada. They have modernized facilities and upgraded menus and fresh ingredients. I always eat there at least once when I spend time in Toronto.

RatherBSailing said...

Is the DQ in Decatur threatened?

Triple Fake... said...

This situation is so sad, Elton John is reworking a very familiar song with the new title "Farewell, Dairy Queens".
I'll see if I can get him to sneak Lib-er-ally Lean into the lyrics

Triple Fake Bernie Taupin

Anonymous said...

I think the Oracle of Omaha might be the right reference instead of Icahn.

Anonymous said...

They just opened a new DQ in Corsicana about 4 months ago. They started taking it apart on Tuesday.

Odd they couldn't work out something since its a Ch. 11 - reorganization.