Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The NFL draft at Jerry World was insane. The production value was off the charts because the NFL is a billion dollar money making machine. (Dak Prescott only made $540,000 last year.)
  • QB Josh Allen fell to the 7th pick after his past tweets revealed he used the "n word" quite a bit. He said all the right things last night, but you are who you are. 
  • And the other Josh (which I admit confused me keeping them apart) has his own issues:
  • Of course I got killed on here for saying the NFL Draft is a modern day slave auction. I smiled last night when I saw the 11th pick in the draft,  Minkah Fitzpatrick, was from Plantation, Florida and went to the University of Alabama.
  • This is a first for me: I'm seeing a cat fight for the presidency of the State Bar of Texas. (A position which is basically worthless.) One of the candidates is Lisa  Blue Baron who has angered her opponent because she is sending out "robocalls." That name might sound familiar because her late husband helped fund the relocation of the paramour of then U.S. presidential candidate John Edwards. (I immediately voted against her when I received my ballot.)
  • Back then, an affair would destroy any campaign of a presidential candidate. Now even Stormy Daniels won't impact his base. She's in Fort Worth tonight. 
  • Let's check on Trump's mental health after his disastrous appearance on Fox and Friends yesterday. Now he's concerned about the World Cup? 
  • The start of the Fox News interview vs. the End of the interview: 
  • Someone submitted a comment attacking me yesterday (which I didn't post) and said "I bet you don't have the balls to post this." It was an anonymous comment. I'm still laughing at him. And he doesn't realize I know who he is. 
  • Of course, no Southern state government would endorse one religion over another: 
  • That appearance, because of his admissions, is going to get him indicted but he is too dumb to realize it. (And Fox News is now the closest thing we have ever had  in the U.S. to Pravda.)
  • My head exploded when I saw this. Go see two Elmer Gantrys? (I tried to figure out if they are charging but I couldn't find out.) These might be the two biggest shysters in America. I'm wondering if they have snake oil for sale in the foyer? 
  • Trump's new best buddy made a bad prediction in 2016: 
  • Would you take $500 off if I don't have this coupon?: 
  • Uh?
  • It should scare all of you that Kim Jong Un, by meeting with with South Korean's leader, is playing America and Trump for a fool.  Just like the Russians were smart enough to infiltrate Facebook, do not underestimate your enemies. Flashback: It has happened before.