Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • When's the last time you felt like it was freezing in the evening and then woke up to a 70 degree temperature?
  • Here's some advice to the "Affluenza Teen": Shut up. Don't give interviews. Lay low. (Which is basically good advice for anyone when the criminal justice system is after you.) And did her really drive off in a Tesla after being released from jail? 
  • Speaking of, any chance he is scared of his own FBI and Justice Department?:
  • I was at a driver's license hearing (DWI related) yesterday where the DPS lawyer called the officer as a witness first -- the only witness in the brief hearing. The defense lawyer then went on cross and asked just a couple of questions of the officer who was sitting across the table from him. DPS then rested and the judge asked the defense lawyer if he had any evidence. He said, "Yes, I'd like to call the officer." A huge question mark went over everyone's head (including mine) and he, I think, sensed it. So he said, "Well it was their witness and now I'd like to call him as my witness." Huh? 
  • The same lawyer after the hearing told the DPS lawyer, "I'll get back to you on this one. It's really interesting." Dude. The judge will issue a decision within two days and then the case is over. If you have any "interesting" evidence, that was the time to present it. You do realize the DPS lawyer isn't the prosecutor in the DWI case, right? 
  • Monday at the Masters where players skip the ball across a water hazard at the sixteenth hole is some of the most entertaining things you'll see. 
  • I once had an IRS agent show up in my office in Decatur, read me my "taxpayer rights", and then tell me I had been filing the wrong Employer's Withholding tax return form. I asked him if I had not been paying enough -- a legitimate question since he had traveled all the way to see me --  and he told me, "No, you have just have been filing the wrong form." That's still one of the weirdest experiences I've ever had. Once I filed the right form, I had a $5.00 refund coming. 
  • I can't imagine what it it is like these days to be a high school kid. I can't imagine what it is like to be a high school teacher. 
  • Nothing like a redneck song from 1984 to put you in position to beat an a Democratic challenger in Texas in 2018.
  • I'm not making this up -- This is where Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz decided to start that re-election kickoff last night. I bet that was a very diverse crowd:
  • I thought U.S. Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, the Democrat who currently represents the El Paso area and is challenging Cruz, was Hispanic. I was wrong. Side note: Look at this: 
  • Mrs. LL has gone on a watching binge of The Office lately (which pretty much means I am, too.) I'll throw this out: The Office is greater than Seinfeld
  • Does anyone have a link to a guide as to how to grow tomatoes? Or, alternatively, where a farmer's market type stand can be found this summer where you can find home grown tomatoes?
  • Trump will do one of his insane tweets criticizing Amazon and the stock will go down that day. How much would you bet that someone in Trump's inner circle shorted that stock the day before one of those tweets because he tipped them off? 
  • I spent a couple of hours in White Settlement yesterday. It is far from a white settlement. 
  • That's a massive Oklahoma teachers' strike/protest which is going on. 
  • Villanova won the basketball National Championship last night. They won every game in the tournament by double digits.