Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Here's a question that neither dad or I could answer: Are the precinct lines in Wise County ever redrawn? And are they based on population? If so, you would think they would be redrawn every 10 years with the census. 
  • According to the Bridgeport Index, a customer's computer exploded in the Dairy Queen last week. 
  • Stephon Clark, the guy who was murdered in his back yard by police in Sacramento, was shot eight times with six of them being in the back according to an autopsy.
  • The cop who shot a Baton Rouge man at point blank range was no billed by a grand jury. Then the chief of police fired him anyway. He had been on paid leave since the incident in July of 2016 (which is a nice gig if you can get it.) 
  • For some reason, the federal government decided to prosecute the wife of the killer in the Orlando Pulse nightclub shootings. On Friday, they lost. Look at this statement from a former U.S. Attorney from South Carolina: 
  • Those pipe bombs found in Wise County made me think of this old story which gets more bizarre every time I read it. (I'm not saying they are related, it just made me think of it.) 
  • Even if you don't care about women's basketball, that UConn/Notre Dame semi-final was as good as it gets. Edit: I wrote that on Saturday as a draft. Then the championship game happened last night and trumped it. (Last shot here.)
  • This is from the Dallas Morning News on Friday in article about how housing is unaffordable for so many young people. I find this number shocking. The "D-FW area" is massive: 
  • Fox News' Tucker Carlson (who still has "dumb face" because he never closes his mouth) interviews Fabio about the politics in California. #Idiocracy
  • Baylor paid ex-coach Art Briles $15.1 million after his dismissal because of the school's sexual assault scandal. President Ken Starr got $4.5 million.  We'll never know what Briles knew. We will always know that Starr is incompetent. 
  • Trump's lawyer, the one responsible for this Stormy Daniels fiasco, graduated from Cooley Law School. It has often been referred to as the "worst law school in America."  A buddy of mine once referred to it as the Mel Cooley Law School. (You've got to be old to get the joke.) 
  • The head of the EPA has been living in an apartment for $50 a night -- an apartment owned by an energy lobbyist. And he only had to pay when he stayed there. You kidding me? (That's the same guy had been the focus of his first class travel -- including a trip to London at taxpayers' expense where he went to Wimbledon.)
  • I still love that the girls team from Bridgeport High School went back to the name of "Sissies" a few (many?) years back.  They were called that originally because the men's team was known as the "Bullies" -- not "Bulls" as they are now. If my memory serves me correctly, the girls were known as the "Lady Bulls" for a few years but that didn't make much sense. 
  • Trump hands me gold every day. This is too easy. The only thing more white is the Klan or the Proud Boys. Oops . . .  .Trump did throw in one token African-American and put him at the end of the row. I apologize. 
  • Ted Nugent on the Parkland high school survivors: "The lies from these poor, mushy-brained children who have been fed lies and parrot lies . . . . The level of ignorance goes beyond stupidity."  The good thing is they have no idea who he is. 
  • As of yesterday, twenty-three Republican Congressmen have said they won't seek re-election. Thirteen others have not said they won't quit but are running for a different office. 
  • Man, people are bent out of shape after the live performance of Jesus Christ Superstar last night.