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Sergio Just Went "Tin Cup"

He amazingly put five shots in the water.


Anonymous said...

This happens sometimes because a pro golfer is not afraid of hitting another shot from that same spot. Most yucks go drop the ball near the water, take a penalty and move on with an easier shot. Pros like the full shots, and so once in a while they get in a 3 or 4 shot bad groove; but each time he dropped a ball he was confident; leads to these odd situations.

Anonymous said...

Just a little chili dipper.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Bu on #4 at Bport Country Club.

River, pond, river, pond, river, pond, OB, lady's tee, thank God.

Anonymous said...


You need to study the rules of golf.

Moving closer to the hole is not an option in this case.