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It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Something like this happens to me every morning. 
Get me this dog!
I hope that was the driver and not the passenger.
This is probably fake, but I want to believe.
Get me this dog, too!


Anonymous said...

Skippy, the first dog is bigger than you are. He would have to carry you! STAY WOKE!!

Anonymous said...

The first one ... the snow sliding into the trunk ... I must have needed a laugh today ... the WTF expression on the guy's face was too much!

Anonymous said...

2:48, that's because it's fake. Either fake, or an amazing happenstance that a camera mounted on a tripod just happened to be in a position, ,and filming, to capture the snippet perfectly centered in the frame.

Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be anything much in the trunk, and he's not carrying anything that you'd put in the trunk. So, he obviously knows what's going to happen. And there's a camera, mounted firmly, all ready to record this? Please, we're not stupid...are we?

Anonymous said...

Probably the driver. Probably steering wheel is on the right side of this vehicle, considering the surroundings...not very U.S. looking.

Triple Fake... said...

At the very start of the video, you can see him moving from the left side of the cab

Anonymous said...

The first dog reminds me of my daughter's labradoodle...get you one...they are actually calm sweet dogs. The look huge but they don't weigh as much as you think they would.

Anonymous said...

Did Denney Crane die?

Anonymous said...

Denney Crane could never die, as he never lived. Such is the plight of your average Crane-iorectal-insertionitis sufferer.

Anonymous said...

That snow in the trunk thing? Probably staged. You want to know what else is staged? Of course you do.

A few hundred Hamas terrorists show up and state their intention to breach the Israeli border. But... and here's the fun part. They bring a bunch of civilians, women and children, old people and the like. See, they want Israel to have to kill some of these innocents in a fog of burning tires and molotov cocktails. You gotta admit, these folks know high entertainment. A few dead civilians, instant victim status, now that is a stage. And what the hell, anyway? Those neanderthal Arabs place no value on their women and children. Cannon fodder, nothing more.

Barry wants you to know these things. He was even going to comment on them but became too busy searching out pictures of underage girls in bikinis on the internet. Priorities, you know.

Half-Baked Guy who doesn't even have an oven.

Anonymous said...

The golf thing is fake.

Notice how you cannot see the ball contact the 4th panel before heading into the hole.

What he did was set up a putting practice machine with auto ball return in or behind the panel that shot the ball into the hole. You may remember using those putting machines that automatically returned your ball assuming you got the ball within the tray. Probably 1 of 10 in your case.

Once that was set up, all he had to do is get the ball to the 4th panel, then a compatriot triggered the device to send the 2nd ball flying into the cup.

Also remember your laws of physics(you remember those, right?), the ball appears to accelerate after leaving the 4th panel. Acceleration cannot be achieved without additional energy being applied.

Therefore, the acceleration comes from the ricochet off of the 4th panel, which is not possible.

Your homework, name the different types of triangles and provide the definitions of each.