Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • A wreck on 287 this morning shut it down. This looks awful: 
  • Just a random restaurant in Fort Worth in a high tone shopping area I didn't know existed. People actually order and additional two ounces at $55 an ounce?:
  • RG3 is back after he signed a one year contract with the Ravens. The Redskins may be the dumbest team in the history of the NFL. They sold the farm to draft him, he ended up the Rookie of the Year but they chose to play him when he was obviously injured, and he ended up crumpled on the ground in a playoff game never to be the same. 
    Knees don't work that way.
  • Johnny Football says it was his employer's fault for not realizing he was lazy. Buddy, you'll never be back in the NFL: 
  • The New York Times  published a story a few weeks ago about how Jimmy Buffett doesn't live the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle at all. He posted this yesterday. That's not exactly a hippy on the beach (even when he does make it to the beach.)
  • After hanging around the courthouse for decades, I learned yesterday there are old showers in the County Court at Law #1 judge's office and the County Attorney's office. That area, I am told, used to basically be dorm rooms for sequestered juries (one side for men and the other side for women). Sequestration was apparently mandatory back then. 
  • I've begged for this for years: Does anyone have a photo of the Wise County District Court when there was a balcony? It had to look like the courtroom in To Kill A Mockingbird. 
  • Someone to me at the courthouse yesterday after noticing I'm carrying a paper notebook around now: "I bought my husband one which you can put in the microwave, and it will erase all the ink and then you can use it all over again." I'll be dang. It exists
  • I don't trust the "back up camera" in cars. But I do love the lines.
  • Watch Jack Nicklaus' grandson, serving as a caddy in the Par 3 tournament at the Masters but getting to hit the ball in front of his grandfather, make a hole in one. Good stuff. (It's a quick loading Twitter video and worth a few seconds of your time.)
  • That's funny: 
  • And Another: 
  • Last night Tucker Carlson had Dumb Face again. For the love of all things holy, close your mouth during an interview.
  • Mrs. LL has started a tradition of taking a "girl trip" with one of her friends every summer. She asked me where she should go this year. My answer: Marfa. I've never been there. 
  • I've never seen Giant.
  • I've railed against the Twin Peaks Biker prosecution from the start. The State of Texas has now given McLennan County a grant of $646,000 to help defray costs. So now everyone of you is helping to pay for a decision made by the dumbest DA in the state. (Once again, it is coming up on two years and not a single conviction and not a single plea bargain.)