The Campaign For DA


Southlake Police With Breaking News!!

A fender bender!!!!!!!!
Nine minutes later!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Here's a question for you. If you took a client's case to trial and by some fluke every single person on your jury was an active member of MADD, would you feel like you were about to experience a fair trial? Of course not. And you would hate to think of any system where that was even possible. Yet you are perfectly fine with Mueller's team of MADD(emocrat) lawyers going after a president of the opposing party. Wow! We should be very afraid of your vision of a legitimate investigation. And you will rue the day lowering standards of fairness in the service of a political vendetta became acceptable.

AND!!! To that guy who's annoyed at people posting unrelated comments on random threads-------------eat me. You read it, didn't you? Mission accomplished

Anonymous said...

Barney and Andy got that major wreck cleared up quick!!

Anonymous said...

That's a Toyota Yaris. Must be someone's maid