Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Mark Zuckerberg was on CNN last night and did not do well. The reason is that he suffers from social anxiety.  Back when Facebook was just getting big, he gave an interview before a crowd at SXSW and famously began sweating profusely. 
  • No one, and I mean no one, wants a video to start automatically playing when you visit a website. 
  • I said this a few years back: Driverless cars, which will absolutely replace the modern day cars in the future, will have an amazing impact on the economy. Think of all the jobs that exist because of the lack of wrecks, speeding, etc. that will go away. Both in the public and private sector.
  • Yesterday was an incredibly heavy news day. Let's check in on Fox News. (Uh, "moved Stateside?"): 
  • Let me translate this for you: The Feds were in charge of that investigation in Austin (they were the only agencies who had obtained a warrant two days ago from a federal judge), but every elected official in Texas is trying to be in the spotlight. 
  • Here's another example. The Texas Attorney General's office has no idea what goes on in the trenches of local police work. And I've seen it firsthand. The only two times they were in charge of prosecutions in Jack County and Wise County in the last twenty years, they got thrashed. Yet now Greg Abbott is an expert on police:
  • Mrs. LL turned up Margaritaville in the car the other day because she knows I hate it with a passion. She laughed. I laughed. 
  • "There is no evidence of collusion!" - Something heard on Fox News and silly radio shows every day.  I can't tell you the number of times I've thought I was in good shape representing someone until there was an indictment and the prosecutor handed over the file. You never know everything they know until they tell you. 
  • She might beat him:
  • Well, I guess they think we should legalize drugs. Laws don't mean anything?:
  • Let's check in Trump's mental health this morning. Oh, my! He truly is an immature sixth grade boy. 
  • But I would pay money to see a UFC fight between Trump, with Putin in his corner, and Biden, with Obama in his corner.
  • The Austin bomber left a 25 minute "confession" on his phone. What follows is an odd statement by the Austin PD Chief. The bomber's life appears be that of an average person. Every single one of us has been "challenged" as children, teens, young adults, and adults. Yet we don't go out and randomly kill people. And no mention of hate or terror. 
  • A reference to something I heard on the radio this morning that I haven't thought about in years: Mapsco