The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 When the instructor doesn't realize he actually has
to give one little last instruction to some people.
 That'll buff right out. 
 Who doesn't want a real live rabbit toy?
 Take a seat. Please, take a seat. 
I just came up with an idea for a horror movie starring my 22 pound fat cat. 


mzchief said...

The cat decided it would rather just end things than live with a cone on its head for another hot second.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Green. You cut me, I cut you.

DF The 22lb Cat

Anonymous said...

Ancient peoples, like Aztecs, Cowboys and the first humanoids to leave Africa, understood that when you swing on a rope or vine, and only use your straight arms and hands for holding and strength, to avoid falling while swinging, that you must have the strength to support much more than your own weight considering the additional G-force that comes from swinging on an arc. Modern people, like 300 pound couch potatoes who can't even hold a small dog without getting tired, or even this unprepared person, make very funny videos when they film themselves rope swinging in this way.

Anonymous said...

Even I know when you fly out on a rope into the water you can't go back...let go.