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Bat-Man said...

The boy here in "Fatal Crime" William Oakes, a now 16 year old being charged as an adult, was raised in a Junk Pile Domicile, one of hundreds in Wise County where adults, due to lack of the enforcement of laws,have unsightly, dangerous, Junk Piles that officials have aggressively avoided for a decade or more. This cult of Junk lovers even has a name for their pig sty lifestyle: "Country Living." (not to be confused with Country Living magazine that features nice, country homes.) He may be afflicted with an unnamed malady that is the polar opposite of "Afluentenza."

Follow the local newspapers for coverage on Violent Crime in Wise County and then drive to the location of the Crime Scene. In the vast majority of those cases you will see piles of junk cars, rusting refrigerators, out of service window unit Air Conditioners,dead mowers and live rats. KenB.