Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Another bomb went off in Austin.  That's number four.
  • This is the first time since 1980 that the state of Texas has had two teams in the Sweet 16. Tech and Aggie are in. 
  • Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was fired late Friday night. To make matters worse, McCabe learned about it 9 minutes before the media did. He was a few days short of getting his pension. 
  • And Trump had this planned. Look what he said in December. 
  •  But McCabe, like any smart person, wrote memos after every time he met with Trump. Now he has turned them over to Mueller. And Trump doesn't understand how memos to the file work. I do that maybe 50 times every single day.
  • This is a screenshot from Fox News that is not photoshopped. Idiocracy.
  • I find this story weird. Deputy Manosuhagian, who was head of K-9 department for the Wise County Sheriff's office, is leaving to go to Lake Worth. (Stolen from the Messenger.)
  • Mrs. LL and I went to a place I visited almost 30 years ago: A little known cemetery in Wise County, East Mound, where most of the headstones, old and aging, tell you the birth of that person was in the 1800s.
  • This place in Fort Worth was demolished on Sunday. It used to be a hipster place. And quite the history: "On Nov. 15, 1963, a week before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Casa del Sol also took a two-minute phone call from Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby, according to the Warren Commission report." It was in the medical district south of 30.
  • For the first time ever, a sixteen seed beat a number one seed. That was UMBC (Google it). Look what happened to them earlier in the year.
  • Kids, this is what is called "consciousness of guilt". He is scared. He's in full scale panic mode.
  • "Hundreds of volunteers helped create a realistic mass casualty drill in Downtown Dallas Sunday morning. Violence wasn’t the focus of the training, instead the exercise focused on how first responders react to injuries and death." Uh, this was weird.
  • That's her?
  • I saw either and oil rig or natural gas rig off 287 this morning. It's been a few years since one has appeared on the horizon.