Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Police say Austin bombing suspect, a 24 year old male white male, is dead after a wild morning, but they can't say he was acting alone.
  • Fox News embarrassed itself again last night: 
  • Birth control for men via pill? No way guys are smart enough to remember to take one of these every day.
  • I watched part of The Shining last weekend. It makes more sense every time I see it. 
  • Two county employees in the courthouse bent over backwards yesterday to help me on unrelated matters. I'm very thankful. Here's a tip for new lawyers: Treat a prosecutor's staff and judge's staff with respect. Not only is it the decent and right thing to do, but they can help you when you need it. 
  • This is clever: 
  • I don't think this is correct. Someone tell me if this is a parody account or really that of North Korea: 

  • And you tech boys, tell why the URL for my login page for my online Dallas Morning News subscription has a .uk extension.
  • Apps for Whataburger, QT, and other businesses built on convenience make no sense to me. You need to call ahead to order things from places which are designed to get you in and out as quickly as possible? 
  • Trump is in so much chaos that I missed the news that an Apprentice star, who has sued him, won in court yesterday with the judge saying that the lawsuit could go forward. Trump isn't entitled to immunity, and now he's going to have to give a deposition under oath.
  • In one office in the courthouse yesterday I had to guess the personal riddle of: (1) Today is the first day, (2) I'm going to get fat as a cow, and (3) I'll save a lot of money. I had to enlist an elected county official to help me out. (He couldn't.) Can you? 
  • And in the next 10 minutes I had a guy show me pictures of dead animals, a guy tell me of a brain tumor patient/relative who was turned away from Harris because he didn't have insurance (despite the fact he was having seizures), and had a reference to A Bad Moms Christmas
  • This guy is a brain surgeon? Even the dumbest guy in America knows you don't throw your wife under the bus.
  • The Waco DA, who got fired by voters this month, fired a felony court chief. Some in the Waco courthouse say it was because he was seen talking to the guy who beat the DA.  The outgoing DA would only say he was fired for “insubordination and not following office policy.”
  • The panic continues this morning as he watches Fox and Friends for support, comfort, and therapy: 
  • It will be in the mid-70s today while a massive snow storm has shut down D.C. Can we make that happen every day?