Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, Kim Jong Un went and visited with China's president. This will work out well. Those two are teaming up together. 
  • And another (Arizona): 
  • I actually mentioned a couple of weeks ago how this guy was the target of a cheap shot by a Baylor player when he was at TCU. Maybe it did cause a brain injury. These facts, if true, are bad. And the Seattle Seahawks immediately cut him: 
  • I should have fired it up yesterday.
  • Any of you boys ever taken that train from Fort Worth to Austin?
  • Mexico played Croatia at JerryWorld yesterday. You say you don't care? Many do: 80,000 showed up. 
  • On this day (well, yesterday) in 1977. I had never heard of this
  • Things got a little tense at a Sacramento City Council meeting in light of the shooting of Stephon Clark 20 times by police. The guy on the right is his brother.
  • Arlington High School is on lock down this morning, but it appears only to be as a precaution. 
  • "Former Disney Channel star Caroline Sunshine has traded her Mickey Mouse hat for a White House hard pass. Sunshine, 22, is the newest member of President Trump’s White House press team." Say what?