Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Riley Dodge is the new head coach at Southlake? He's 29. That certainly doesn't disqualify him, but coaching in your politically charged home town at such a young age seems less than ideal.
  • Trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill on Friday (which was 2,323 pages long) after calling it ridiculous and saying that no one had read it. 
  • But I'll give him credit this morning. I didn't think he had the guts (assuming it is not a stunt to distract): 
  • It used to be if there was a negligent death at a theme park that the company would be sued. Now they also get criminally indicted. Example: Schlitterbahn.
  • I've preached for over a decade that demographics are changing at a rapid pace. Look at this promotion from the Mavericks on the front page of the Saturday sports section of the Dallas Morning News:

  • This seems a little odd. I've often wondered if Crime Stoppers in Wise County ever pays out anything. Then I see a story this story where they are prominently mentioned for what seems to be a small crime of the theft of "numerous unshaped Resistol cowboy hats [and] Anderson Bean Boot Company Rataetna Chocolate Mad style boots" at NRS.
  • I was in downtown Fort Worth on Saturday for an unrelated reason, but ended up watching part of the March For Our Lives. I've never seen anything like it in my life.  And I love it that young people get politically active in anything
  • And if you didn't see this girl speak in D.C., you missed something pretty powerful:
  • Below is from local radio host Mark Davis, who actually says prayers on the radio and works for a Christian radio station. You kidding me? "Not inappropriate?"  
  • Trump is having trouble finding lawyers. Two more declined after meeting with him. (And Trump implied that the taxpayers were paying for his private lawyers.)
  • Trump, who tweets like a madman, has never mentioned Stormy Daniels. Hmmmmmm. (But we learned this morning that his lawyer's lawyer sent a "cease and desist" letter to Stormy demanding  an apology after last night's 60 Minutes episode. That's not how it works.)
  • Texas Tech, I feel your pain. Baylor has been to the Elite Eight twice in the last 10 years. It's hard to get there, and much harder to win once there.