Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I saved another lost puppy dog over the weekend and got it back to its owner. I think I've found my new calling. 
  • The DA candidate who lost the Democrat nomination in the Dallas County primary by a little over 500 votes has now sued alleging "ineligible, illegal, and fraudulent mail-in ballots."  Mail-In ballots seem a little suspect in this day and time. 
  • The pastor of the FBC of Dallas never disappoints.
    He loves "Two Corinthians" and Muslims, too.
  • The incredibly decent former President Jimmy Carter, during his campaign, was scorched for referencing the Bible by saying, "I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust. I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times. This is something that God recognizes I will do and God forgives me for it.” Trump could have an orgy on the White House lawn and Jeffers would praise him. And then he would put it on pay-per-view and call it "tithing".
  • On the other hand, he believes the Ten Commandments should be taught in public schools to end gun violence. "Thou shall not kill" sounds good, but the adultery part doesn't seem to be a priority with Jeffers. #Stormy
  • A Frisco couple was arrested in Massachusetts for possessing this in a Residence Inn. How many of my readers will be outraged?:
  • As a "sports columnist" for the Bridgeport High School paper, I once got called into the principal's office after I quoted one of our high school basketball players, after a loss to Archer City, as saying: "I don't know if they should be ranked, but they sure are going to beat the heck out of Chico." (They were in the same district.) The Chico ISD Superintendent got mad and called our principal who made me write an apology for "insulting" Chico's basketball team. I did it which proved I didn't have a clue about how journalism works. Neither did my "teacher" who never even remotely thought about saying, "No, he will not."
  • When I told my dad about it he didn't really care that I was called onto the carpet. But he said to me, and I remember this like yesterday, "I'm just surprised they actually read what you write all the way over in Chico." 
  • Don't you love how in Texas JP's (and sometimes County Judges) can determine the cause of death without any investigation or autopsy. (I had forgotten that Justice Scalia was declared dead of "natural causes" over the phone by a guy who didn't even go to the scene.)
  • Nice "gangsta rap" reference by an elected official in Colleyville: 
  • The father of Brown of Brown vs. Board of Education has died. You know that little Supreme Court decision that said it was unconstitutional to segregate schools under state and local laws? Shockingly, that decision was handed down in 1954. That wasn't long ago. 
  • The Ticket had a porn star on for two hours yesterday. She was actually incredibly smart and funny, but I couldn't believe what I was listening to in the morning hours.
  • For all you Wise County women out there, call Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, tell him that you had an affair with Trump and he will write you a check for $130,000 no questions asked. 
  • Facebook may be in trouble. A couple of years ago someone on the third floor of the courthouse told me that they had texted someone about buying something and then ads for that specific product started showing up on the Internet. I found that hard to believe. I believe it now.