Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Have I said I'm going to retire to the jungle in Costa Rica?
  • There is a commercial on The Ticket which begins with references to your destiny. Paraphrasing: "How do you want to be remembered? A good guy? A good friend?" And then it goes on to tell you that's not enough. That you need to be "King of the Hill": Let me tell you something, the first part is enough. 
  • From the Update this morning which updates us all on Wise County news: "TRAILER FALLS ON MAN – A man was flown to Medical City Denton from the intersection of Farm Road 407 and Martindale Lane in New Fairview after a double-wide mobile home fell on him Wednesday morning."
  • Question for the masses: Do these things work better than a mop? I'm on a floor cleaning mission.
  • A navy jet crashes off of Key West and kills two. (This happens so often.)  Fox News immediately blames Obama.