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Anonymous said...

Was it an iron pot? Clay pot? Cast iron pot? Inquiring minds want to know.

DF Fascinated by All Things Pot

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you want to “wet” or “dry” mop your floors. I use robots iRobot BRAAVA for wet and iRobot Roomba 891 for dry / vacuuming. Have had back, neck and hand surgery. Schlepping a vacuum does not work well for me. These things get in places I’d have to stand on my head to clean!! The Roomba can be started and stopped through a smart device. Best of all, they work while you either relax or are off working elsewhere. Had other models and these stand the test of time. Be sure to read directions. They are smart devices and sometimes we humans don’t set them up right!! Pricey? Not any more than a Dyson. Order from QVC at the right time and get them on 4 - 6 installment plan. Return - no questions asked - within 30 days.