Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, I survived my umbilical hernia surgery. They had some trouble cutting through my six pack, but all went well. 
  • My surgeon did bits. Once it was done he told Mrs. LL that I now had an "innie" and could wear a Speedo again. 
  • I got a prescription for hydrocodone. I took one. I haven't taken another since.  I hate that stuff. It makes me feel doped up but doesn't really change any pain. That seems to be what "pain killers" do. 
  • On Friday, a U.S Citizen and a veteran killed three workers (all of them involved in mental health treatment and two of them doctors) at a VA Center in California.
  • Someone yelled, "Does your husband play, too?" yesterday when Tiger Woods left a put short. 
  • Told ya: Per Sarah Sanders Huckabee, the meeting between Trump and North Korea will not happen unless there are "concrete and verifiable" actions by North Korea. Yep, the White House is already backing off. 
  • I'm still not sure what this was from UT's safeties coach ushering out the team for spring break:
  • I'll get my Liberally Lean March Madness Pic 'Em Tourney up later today.
  • In Trump's wheels off "rally" in Pennsylvania on Saturday (those are so weird), he said  "that allowing prosecutors to seek the death penalty for drug dealers . . . is 'a discussion we have to start thinking about. I don’t know if this country’s ready for it.'” He's the most constitutionally illiterate president in history.
  • The Bowie Jackrabbits won a state championship in basketball as did Northwest High School. Edit: I shot 50% on that bullet point.
  • A guy caught at 15.48 pound bass at Lake Fork earlier this month. I just buy lures at Walmart and throw them it the lake. What did he use?:
  • There may have never been more felony criminal trials in a two month span in Wise County than over the last two months.
  • Someone explain these American soccer attendance figures this weekend. One of these things is not like the other. 

  • Every educator in America needs to watch the 60 Minutes interview of  Education Secretary Betsy DeVoss from last night. She's clueless. For example, what does this even mean?: 
  • The dumbest lawyer in the country, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, is considering seeking an injunction to prevent 60 Minutes from airing its Stormy Daniels interview. Dude, ever heard of "prior restraint"? Ever heard of the Pentagon Papers? (Side note: What does she know? Trump normally wouldn't care about evidence of an affair. Is there something else?)