Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Black Hawk Down. Seven service men are dead in a helicopter crash in Iraq. There is no evidence of hostile fire. This happens way too often. 
  • Another one? He fired someone he affectionately called "Mad Dog!" Trump is unhinged. Edit: I screwed up the Mad Dog part.
  • The Southlake Police Department does bits by telling people where they will be. (They probably won't be there.)
  • My radar went off when I saw this story. Something doesn't seem right. I'm still not sure what is going on. 
  • Someone needs to find out whatever happened to Honey Boo Boo. 
  • Junior has been acting weird lately. His wife seems to have noticed that, too. He is a pretentious, privileged jerk, and his wife is willing to walk away despite the fact he is the son of the President. Perhaps she knows more than we do?
  • Always remember: He smirked as the held up an elephant's trunk while holding a knife: 
  • I should start doing a Liberally Lean flashback bullet point. Example: 
  • After Trump's economic adviser quit over the tariffs, he hired a guy from CNBC. This will certainty go well:
  • Many people ask me if Mrs. LL gets mad about me posting the Random Thought Girls. The answer is never. She understands my concept of "They come for the picture but might just read what I write." 
  • A bridge collapse kills six in Florida.