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I'm Insane Now

Credit to the guy who yells out: "Let it go!"


Anonymous said...

Never get your hands dirty. I would have had the seven little guys dig it out.

DF Snow Off-White

Anonymous said...

The curtsy is my favorite part.

Sibley said...

It seems Barry works for Fox News ("Another")

At the Fox News Site, a Sudden Focus on Women as Sex Offenders

Through the first half of 2017, the site posted fewer than 20 stories on women accused of sex offenses. The new focus started on June 30, when published an article on “the apparently increasing frequency of female teachers having sex with their young male students.” Over the next six months the site posted some 98 articles on instances of sexual abuse allegedly committed by women, most of them teachers.

Anonymous said...

i likes my womens strong.

Anonymous said... did Elsa get traction enough to be of any use whatsoever?

Anonymous said...

spike heels have great traction in deep snow.

Anonymous said...

I thought the spirit of Boston was virulent racism with opioids?