Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • He got weed! WFAA did a segment on the recent marijuana busts in Wise County.
  • I knew Wise County's state senator Craig Estes had a heck of an opponent in Pat Fallon, but I didn't know there was a third candidate in the race: A guy who owns the the Old Nocona Boot Factory. Just a third name one the ballot might be enough to put that election into a runoff.
  • I'd think that the Cavs would trade Lebron right now. He's leaving after the season anyway, they are awful, they could get a fortune for him in draft picks from a contending team, and Lebron, in waiving his no trade clause, would at least get some Cleveland love by pointing out that, "I didn't want to leave without this town getting something in return."
  • Good grief. America has its own little "Rocket Man": 
  • Who else liked military parades? I can't quite put my finger on it.
  • Man, the Copelands sure have been in the news a lot lately. And I wonder why her plan didn't work when 21 people in the congregation came down with the measles in 2013.
  • I've mentioned this before and the speed is increasing: Branch banks are shutting down. For the 12 months prior to June, 2017, there were 1,700 which were shut down. There is basically no reason to go to the bank for routine transactions. (I finally started using the "deposit by phone" technology -- something that makes no sense to me.)
  • And Another (Connecticut):
  • I stole this: Breaking Bad had an alternative ending where Walter White went into a witness protection program as Gordon Lightfoot.
  • Nunes now admits that the FISA search warrant affidavit did indicate that some of the information it is based upon might be "political". But since it was in a footnote, he didn't think it was good enough. So he's upset about the size of the font? 
  • Big Las Vegas news: 
  • The principal at Northwest High School, and former teacher in Rhome, faces a second DWI charge.