Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Waco DA continues to back down. He has now dismissed one of the Twin Peaks cases and recused his office from another. And he indicated to a judge he intends to dismiss five other cases.  There is no way he survives the Republican primary next month, right? 
  • Trump lost another "trusted advisor" yesterday as Rob Porter resigned after his two ex-wives came out with stories of abuse. He hires the best people.
  • KXAS had a story last night regarding campaign signs on county property. They said it's OK in Tarrant County.  I had never thought about this. Is this a constitutional issue or just a policy of Tarrant County? What about Wise County? Could someone put up a huge sign on the property across from the sheriff's office that is owned by the county on 380? What about the courthouse lawn? 
  • I'm now infatuated with FarmersOnly.Com. Those commercials are insane. It's a dating site for country people who just happen to be white. (I saw a commercial last night with five couples around a "bonfire". All were lilly white. Even a light skin Hispanic didn't couldn't make the cut.) 
    From another commercial
  • I haven't heard much about former WFAA reporter Brett Shipp who is running for Congress as a Democrat in a crowded field. 
  • Below was Trump late last year. Yesterday the FBI said, "To date none of the more than 650 interviews completed, locations searched, or evidence collected and analyzed have produced evidence that would support the existence of a scuffle, altercation, or attack.” But who cares about facts?
  • I saw a note yesterday that Tech had the lowest ranked recruiting class of any Power 5 school. If that's true, Coach Bro should be on the shortest of leashes.
  • I'm reading this and it is really interesting. Although long and detailed, it is a history lesson of how Americans uniquely want to believe the unbelievable (from dreams of a New World, to the Gold Rush, to crazy religious beliefs and sects, to snake oil salesman, to Houdini, to the occult, to aliens, to magical weight loss, to modern day "False Flags", etc.) 
  • There was an earthquake in Taiwan this week and it gave rise to this lasting image:
  • I think this is when I lost all interest in the Cowboys and the NFL: When free agency was created and Randall Cunningham, who spent 11 years in Philadelphia, came to Dallas in 2000. 
  • Someone alerted me to some type of "business opportunity" going around Decatur. I think it was called "Pure" (I'm not sure), but I was a little concerned when a buddy showed me the company's web site which spent most of its time trying to convince the reader it is not a pyramid scheme. (Someone help me out on the company name and website.)