Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The federal government is set to borrow $1 trillion this year. That's an 84% increase over last year.
  • Paul Ryan lost his mind bragging about the tax cuts this weekend. He posted, and then quickly deleted, this:
  • The Nunes Memo: Trump said it "vindicated him" in the Mueller investigation. Did he even read it? The co-author of the memo, a Republican, disagreed: 
  • More Nunes memo thoughts: (1) Big bag of nothing, (2) Nothing illegal was done or even alleged to have been illegal in the memo, (3) Carter Page was already under investigation for Russian collusion for two years before the FISA warrant was obtained, (4) The FISA warrant had to be re-approved every 60 days with evidence showing that it was fruitful. It was. By three different judges. (5) Carter Page was in bed with the Russians. (6) Despite Fox News' odd claims, it did not "confirm" that Trump Tower was wiretapped as Trump claims. Carter Page wasn't even with the campaign when the FISA warrant was issued.
  • Eagles coach Doug Pederson is everything Jason Garrett is not. There is no way Garrett goes for it on 4th down early in the second quarter and no way he calls a pass to the quarterback.
  • If he had been named Nick Folestein, would she have written "QB Nick Folestein, Jewish!"?
  • Weird halftime moment as the Patriots headed to the locker room: 
  • Downtown Minneapolis lit up in the shape of Prince's guitar was cool: 
  • I liked Justin Timberlake's tribute to Prince but the song choice ("I Will Die For You") seemed to be, uh, awkward.
  • Number of New England punts last night: 0. Total penalty yards by both teams combined: Just 40.
  • After the stock market plunged 666 points on Friday -- creepy, right? -- it just opened down over 200.