The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

"Ma'am, could I visit with you about Timothy Treadwell?"
Got a little wide there. Caution flag is now out.
Little Nancy apparently found the WWE channel.
When a failed bit turns out to be better than the actual bit.
Man, those carnival games overseas are tough!


Anonymous said...

Best Let's Get Out of Here EVER! Good job, Barry!

DF National GIF Council

Triple Fake... said...

"Miss, I said Yogi the Bear, not bear yoga!"

Triple Fake Park Ranger Smith

Anonymous said...

I had an Armenian girlfriend once. Miss her a ton, just got tired of sleeping with one eye open.

DF Bear

Anonymous said...

Is that second one MzChief on one of them fancy vacations she keeps telling us about?

DF Lawn Man

Anonymous said...

The old gals at the bar just need longer screws 😆