Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • "A Texas state district court judge [in Hildago County] has been arrested on allegations he accepted approximately $6,000 in cash bribes."
  • Dirk's name was misspelled last night. And it happened in Sacramento over the weekend. 
  • The 32 year old elementary school teacher in Weatherford who contracted the flu and was dead in days should scare us all.
  • I'm still studying my maps to get a handle on the chance for "winter weather." Disclaimer: The following graphic is by Delkus. I'll factor that in accordingly.
  • For those saying the FISA search warrant on Carter Page was illegally obtained, you have no idea how search warrants work. I do. If a judge grants it (which is 99% of the time in any jurisdiction at any level), there is almost nothing you can do. This is the opening sentence from an article in a professional journal published by the Texas District and County Attorney's Association: "Though defense counsel’s accusations that an officer lied in an affidavit for search warrant might strike panic in a prosecutor’s heart, you need not fear." Sheesh. But the author is right. (And in Carter Page's case, no one says false statements were made. The worst allegation is that exculpatory information was withheld -- something that can be legally withheld.)
  • Proof Nunes is a moron. Does he truly believe there is a court reporter present when a search warrant affidavit is presented to a judge? And search warrants aren't based upon what was "verbally presented" -- they are based on an affidavit. 
  • Two days a week, because of extracurricular activities, I've got to the Freshman in the House to school at 5:45 a.m. That's 5:45!!! I can't wait until that kid get's her driver's licence in the Fall.
  • We had a North Texas police chase yesterday where the guy fled on foot once his tires were shredded. Those baggy pants served as a law enforcement tool.
  • Under the radar election news yesterday: Pennsylvania has more registered Democrats than Republicans yet, because of gerrymandering, Republicans hold 13 of 18 Congressional seats. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court struck down the gerrymandering last month and ordered the districts redrawn. An emergency appeal by Republicans to the Supreme Court yesterday was denied. Dems will pick up a ton of House seats.
  • The government "shutdown" deadline is in a couple of days. In January, everyone acted like the sky was falling unless a deal was made. Now, as they'll kick the issue down the road again, no one even mentions it. 
  • This is the Dallas Morning News scorecard from the Patriot's draft in 2006 2000 where Tom Brady was taken in the sixth round. 
  • Remember the judge presiding over the Trump University lawsuits who Trump called a "hater" and a "Mexican" during the campaign? Well that judge is now about to rule on "The Wall" in an environmental case. 
  • The naming of Robert Wagner as a "Person of Interest" (hate that term) in the death of Natalie Wood in 1981 is nothing other than California law enforcement officers wanting to get in front of the cameras. One lead investigator said, "This is a suspicious death investigation. We want to know what happened from the time of the argument to when she got into the water." Sounds like you've got an open and shut case there, hoss. You'll note the DA's office hasn't said a word.