Wednesday Morning Random Thoughts

  • I know a kid at the University of Texas who has put a deposit down on an apartment not far from campus for next Fall. Get this: Two bedroom, two bath, 597 square feet and ........$2,300 a month. I'm so happy I'm old. His momma sent me this: 
  • Maybe I'll just live, literally, in the jungle: "An American tourist recently died off the coast of Costa Rica in a tragic shark attack."
  • I was watching the end of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid which is a great flick. As the credits rolled I saw "Card Player #2 .........Sam Elliot." Yep, that Sam Elliott. I found a screenshot. Edit: I've had two comments that this is not Sam Elliott. It's the first image that shows up in a Google search for him and the movie. Sure looks like him but, as always, I might be wrong. 
  • The Supreme Court oral arguments yesterday in the Gay Wedding Cake case were intense. The justices were grilling both sides, and I felt sorry for the lawyers.  Here's the transcript. The audio will be released on Friday. (And I had no idea the heart of the matter was Free Speech.)
  • Not only will I be inducted into the Sports Genius Hall of Fame, I'll be inducted into the Media Coverage Hall of fame for my patented "Ads Which Are Disguised As News Stories". (h/t Bud Kennedy). Article:
  • "Davey Edwards of Alvord filed this week with the state Republican Party to run for Texas land commissioner." I read (and wrote about) that he was trying to collect 5,000 signatures to avoid paying the $3,750 filing fee. I said he would never pull that off. Was I right? 
  • I guess I need to apologize. I didn't know she baked pies. What is this, 1950?
  • Due to aging , last year we retired the Elf on the Shelf. But I look at him every day when I go into the closet. He's actually in a shoe but maybe we should retire him more creatively.
  • Good, god!
  • Time magazine: 
  • This was great comedy yesterday. A Republican Congressman turned on pedophile Roy Moore, and the same guy sat by Trump earlier in the day. The Toddler In Chief is gonna be mad.
  • I heard this yesterday: "Different scares people." But that is how you separate the smart folks from the rednecks.
  • Mitt Romney pointedly criticized Trump for supporting pedophile Roy Moore. Romney immediately was attacked, predictably, by . . . 
  • And I predict Roy Moore will win in Alabama. 
  • California is, indeed, on fire. That's Highway 405: 
  • Ron Meyer, 76, coach of SMU's Pony Express or "Pony Excess" has died.