Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Rep. Brent Farenthold (far right) used over $80,000 tax dollars to settle a sexual harassment claim. He is a former conservative talk show host and graduated from Incarnate Word. He is married (that ain't her) with two kids.
  • The Aggies money whipped Jimbo Fisher and landed him. This is full Aggie. 10 years and $75 million. And if they fire him at any point, he is entitled to the full balance on his contract. But when he left Tallahassee,  he left:
  • I deal with lots of folks who are in now in trouble because it all started because of a traffic stop by the police. One development I've seen over the last three years is that they have no idea where they were when they were stopped because "I was using the GPS."
  • Buzzfeed had a funny headline after the Flynn guilty plea. And they are right. Kushner is next.
  • I did a double take on Saturday morning when I scanned past one of the ESPN channels and saw the Cornhole League Playoffs: Georgia v. Florida. Idiocracy is speeding at us at warp speed.
  • I don't know how the Fort Worth Police can screw around wasting taxpayer dollars. And did they pay a licensing fee to use the image of Chewbacca?
  • Texas AG  Ag Commissioner Sid Miller proudly announced that the defeated Sheriff Joe, who had to be pardoned by Trump to avoid a jail sentence, has endorsed him. 
  • There's nothing more disturbing than your dog going crazy and barking in the middle of the night. Our default (groggy) reaction is always, "He knows something that we do not?!" 
  • Wait. What? Is that a "b"? And you think it would be the other way around.
  • I spliced wires on some old mini Christmas lights to get rid of dead ones. I even used one of those electrical wire cutters to strip away the plastic casings. It was a total success despite Mrs. LL cocking an eyebrow. 
  • Well, I correctly predicted Oklahoma would throttle TCU. Is there a Sports Genius Hall of Fame? I'd be a first ballot inductee.
  • Trump, via Twitter, denigrated the FBI this weekend and endorsed an Alabama pedophile this morning and admitted to a crime (which the White House later tried to blame on his lawyer.) As to the latter, I can't tell you the number of times I have overtaken my clients' twitter accounts and tweeted something that will get them indicted. It's Law School 101.
  • The Republicans passed a 479 page tax bill 51-49 at 2:00 on Saturday morning. The Dems made a motion to recess until Monday so they could read it. The Republicans said no. Those handwritten amendments were troubling. 
    This is real.
  • Wade Emmert, who in my opinion might be the biggest spare political activist there is, was ousted at the Dallas Republican Chair last year by a guy who spent $30 to do so. Now he's the new Assistant General Counsel to the Texas GOP. Texas does have swamps, doesn't it?