Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There is some show called Brooklyn 99 and Jacksboro plays a part of the story line although nothing was filmed there (That's per an emailer. He, nor I, haven't seen anything online to link to.)
  • The new season of Black Mirror, which I love, is about to be released. Every episode I watch I always say, "That is going to happen."
  • Yesterday I referred to "Celsius" as "Centigrade." I confused myself so I had to look it up. I'll be: Centigrade was the forerunner to Celsius and the term was changed in 1948 and slowly made it's way into the vernacular. Something had to be in the deep recesses of my brain to have said that. 
  • Al Franken announces he will resign and asks the party of Family/Christian Values to look themselves in the mirror: “There is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office, and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party.” And he didn't even mention Blake Farenthold who used your money to settle a sexual harassment claim. 
  • An ex-officer finally received 20 years for shooting a guy in the back. And I'm disturbed that it took a federal prosecution to pull that off when the State could only get a hung jury.
  • Meanwhile, in Arizona, an officer was found not guilty of killing an unarmed Granbury man. (Both the prosecutor and the defense lawyer were awful. Here's a tip: Never read a closing argument.)
  • The Waco Biker indictments which have resulted in no convictions after two and a half years might be the least of the problems for the dumbest DA in the State. And the FBI is investigating him. 
  • I love the cold weather in December. I hate the cold weather in February.
  • I was on to Bitcoin from the start but I'm scared of it and never invested. Heck, I'm scared that I'm in the stock market right now. If there is ever going to be crash, however, Bitcoin will be the first and the hardest. Look at this graph for the value of one bitcoin over the last year. What has happened in the last few weeks is insane.:
  • Bitcoin and American currency have similarities and differences. Both exist because people agree they have worth. A $20 bill is worth $20 because we all agree it does. (We can't go to Fort Knox and trade it for gold.) Bitcoin is worth what it is because people agree, day to day, what it is worth. But a $20 bill becomes worthless only when the grocery store won't let you exchange it for a loaf of bread. Bitcoin could become worthless tomorrow.
  • When I just wrote "bread" and "gold" I had a flashback to the old Christian "contemporary song" of I Wish We'd All Been Ready which was buried into my head as a kid.  I just looked back at the lyrics. Those are pretty dark. (You middle aged Southern Baptist folks are smiling right now.)
  • I looked up Larry Norman.He died at age of 60 and his tombstone reads, "Larry Norman / Evangelist Without Portfolio / 1947–2008 / Bloodstained Israelite". What does that mean?
  • I had a fun conversation about Cremation vs. Burial at the courthouse yesterday. (That's admittedly an odd statement.)  People have polar opposite opinions. For the record, again, I want to be cremated and have my ashes, mixed with glitter, shot out of the courthouse bell tower in front of my friends who would do nothing but smile and laugh. (I'm still working on the music choice.)
  • Alan Dershowitz, an O.J. Simpson lawyer and life long Harvard liberal, has suddenly discovered he can make more money as a right wing pundit than a liberal pundit. His feelings have been hurt and Fox and Friends is coming to the rescue this morning.
  • The following graphic contains a horrible pun. And, afterwards, D Magazine's Tim Rogers was blocked by Shipp on Twitter. You are going to need a thicker skin than that, pal, if you are running for Congress.
  • So it snowed pretty hard yesterday and this morning in Big Bend, Austin, and San Antonio as well as, amazingly, the Texas coast, but Wise County was left out. I don't know North from South any longer.
  • From the Update: "COALITION MEETING – The Wise County Community Coalition will meet at noon Monday at Pizza Hut in Decatur." What is that group?