Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I've got a new University of Texas apartment update via email from a faithful reader: "[My] teenager......one bedroom apartment 8 minute walk to campus at UT: $1,625 a month plus $100 parking fee plus electric.....486 square feet, sir."
  • An Oklahoma state rep was caught in a hotel room with a 17 year old boy during a sting operation. But, oh my, that T-Shirt! That's Ephesian 5:22.
  • Last night, according to public records, the Wise County Sheriff's Office arrested four men for prostitution. That's a new one.
  • I don't understand this Jerusalem news nor do I care. But there are lots of folks in this world who do. 
  • Trump slurred his words yesterday during the announcement and the boys on the radio nailed it this morning: It's either medication, loose dentures, or a guy getting old and tired.
  • Al Franken, under pressure from Democrats, might resign today. Meanwhile, Republicans refuse to denounce Roy Moore.
  • If you saw Anderson Cooper interview Roy Moore's "spokesperson" last night you saw someone get crucified. She has no idea what she is doing. All she could reply with was, "The Constitution . . . ." I wish Cooper would have asked her what's in the First Amendment. It would have been a deer-in-headlights moment.
  • Mrs. LL is confused by the Roomba. She asks, "Where does all the dirt go?" And when you compare it to a regular vacuum, she has a point. 
  • The Messenger has a new toy which will haunt you. See it in action.
  • Boys, it is cold outside. If you walked outside before 7:00, you felt the warmest temperature of the day.
  • The Texas Law Hawk has a new commercial. I'm back to hating the guy -- and I'm a guy who is a fan of bits.
  • That story of a guy having a multitude of metroplex clubs to sell cocaine and two police officers being involved is insane.  One club was in the old "Seminary South" shopping center.