Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • This seems wrong:
  • The "hey, now" from Trophy Club is pregnant
  • Our under indictment Texas AG Ken Paxton's criminal trial will be moved out of Collin County on a change of venue at the request of the prosecutors. Honestly, I can't remember that ever happening before. 
  • paxton change of venue
  • Our Ag Commissioner called reporters "peckerwoods."
  • The noose is tightening on Trump and the Russian connection. This will not end well.
  • Best I can tell, this is the equivalent of a portion of Stemmons Freeway in Dallas being destroyed. 
  • There were four guys with leaf blowers on the Decatur square this morning blowing dirt. Uh, what's the point? 
  • Man, NBC5 is tricking up their weather. First the Thunder Truck. Then S Band Radar. And now this. What do you say, Delkus? 
  • I have many friends who now have a parent(s) with memory loss. I think we are entering an epidemic stage. It correspondence perfectly with the Baby Boom.