Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It was "And Another" city in the metroplex on Friday. Trophy Club and Mansfield.

  • The Republicans failure to change Obamacare proves they have no idea what they are doing. 
  • I don't know the Hicks brothers or their parents from Decatur, but they get my attention. I noted a while back that Parker put up 60 in a basketball, and I saw this weekend that Wilson threw a perfect games against Bridgeport.
  • An amazing and stunning video of a Tulsa police officer running over lady who pulled a gun on them. 
  • What's up with the graphics going on with local news organization tweets? We really need that?

  • Sometimes, after a very hard and difficult day, you just need someone to talk to. It gets harder when there is no one. 
  • I'm giving this guy a pass just because of the make-up. 
  • I get sucked into The Rifleman every time it comes on. I think the entry scene does it. Nothing but a guy firing a rifle a crazy rifle, then the twirl of the rifle, followed by the camera panning out with Chuck Conners just staring you down. 
  • If you listen to talk radio on the weekend (KRLD, WBAP, etc.) there is nothing other than financial infomercials. And they are beyond stupid and border on fraud. 
  • TCU's Trevone Boykin was arrested last night after his girlfriend(?) drove up onto a sidewalk in Uptown. 
  • Larry, Moe, and Curly: 
  • One of my greatest attributes is that I don't care about food. I eat only because I know I have to.