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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It was "And Another" city in the metroplex on Friday. Trophy Club and Mansfield.

  • The Republicans failure to change Obamacare proves they have no idea what they are doing. 
  • I don't know the Hicks brothers or their parents from Decatur, but they get my attention. I noted a while back that Parker put up 60 in a basketball, and I saw this weekend that Wilson threw a perfect games against Bridgeport.
  • An amazing and stunning video of a Tulsa police officer running over lady who pulled a gun on them. 
  • What's up with the graphics going on with local news organization tweets? We really need that?

  • Sometimes, after a very hard and difficult day, you just need someone to talk to. It gets harder when there is no one. 
  • I'm giving this guy a pass just because of the make-up. 
  • I get sucked into The Rifleman every time it comes on. I think the entry scene does it. Nothing but a guy firing a rifle a crazy rifle, then the twirl of the rifle, followed by the camera panning out with Chuck Conners just staring you down. 
  • If you listen to talk radio on the weekend (KRLD, WBAP, etc.) there is nothing other than financial infomercials. And they are beyond stupid and border on fraud. 
  • TCU's Trevone Boykin was arrested last night after his girlfriend(?) drove up onto a sidewalk in Uptown. 
  • Larry, Moe, and Curly: 
  • One of my greatest attributes is that I don't care about food. I eat only because I know I have to. 


Anonymous said...

Perry is there to treat the "cancer on conservatism."

Or to feed at the trough.

You decide.

Anonymous said...

Things are proceeding as I have foreseen. Barry is in the depression stage of grief regarding Trump election. I worry he will stay there for the next 2.5 years until the Dems trot out their candidates. This will invigorate him. Then and only then will Barry ease into the acceptance phase because of his imagined light at the end of the tunnel.

Out Rage

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The republicans simply underestimated how many Republicans would take a more democratic stance and end up passionately against paying premiums to have health insurance. In the end, if BOTH republican voters and democratic voters expect someone else to pay for their health insurance costs...that's quite the pickle for any President, even a smart one. There is no solution for the health care cost crisis unless about 50 million Americans can flip the switch and go from obese, unhealthy and sloth-like to fit, healthy and able to take care of themselves economically.

Anonymous said...

How can wearing "a mask" be a charge for a guy that's not wearing a mask at all? If we're going to start arresting people for wearing makeup that changes one's true appearance...gonna need a bigger boat.

And is everyone in Virginia tossed into the clink on Halloween?

Got some false news, or bad writing, or lack of context here. As usual.

Triple Fake... said...

There is so much awfulness going on in the arrest photo:
Boykins' GF committed a crime just for wearing that goofy looking onesie she has on.
But the cop slapping the cuffs on - what is with the buzzcut and the mutton chops? That aint right neither!

But you're okay with a guy doing whatever he wants because he's all painted up like the Joker. Is that gonna be your new defense strategy now?
"Your Honor, take a look at the defendant's book-in photo. I rest my case!"

Today's RTG should get Bacon's motor running! Healthy

I get drawn into Wanted: Dead or Alive because of the theme music played at the start

Anonymous said...

John Wayne wishes he could be as tough as Chuck Conners. Plus, Chuck wouldn't beat his wife, wouldn't dodge the draft, and doesn't have a stupid made-up voice.

I love everyone saying how the Freedom Caucus needs to get over voting no to everything. It is far more substantial of a problem than that. They were all elected, and continue to get elected, based solely on getting only the most extreme far-right (not conservative) issues passed at all costs. They passed Obamacare repeal bills for years, knowing they either wouldn't get past the senate or would get vetoed, just as a stunt. Now when the time come to repeal it, and they actually have both houses and the presidency making it possible, the Freedom Caucus is the only group that stuck to their crazy promise. Trump is saying that Washington is dirtier than they knew because the bill didn't pass--and he's blaming the Freedom Caucus, the only Republican group that actually stuck by its promises.

Republican hypocrisy continues unabated.

I think one of your greatest problems is that you don't care about food. It is a huge part of my travel budget--often more than the hotel that I only spend about five hours a night in before moving on, or getting up and getting around whatever city/town/village I'm there to see. Why would anyone go to Paris and not try some of their best restaurants, or Mexico and look for Tex Mex or McDonald's? I know most of Wise County will belly up to the Golden Corral chocolate fountain, but it surprises me when people who actually get to travel don't care about the food where they're going.


Anonymous said...

-The repubs on Obamacare, you are right. They never wanted to repeal it or fix it, it was their plan before Obama stole it!
-Parker put 60 what in a basketball?
-The tweet graphics are silly!
-I've had no one to talk to for years after my wife falsely accused me of domestic violence and I withered in the social purgatory that follows that type of allegation in small town America!
-That is the most legit joker getup since Ledger, maybe better!
-Some people hate John Wayne movies, some people hate the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns, I hated the Rifleman!
-Treyvone Boykin needs to follow Russell Wilson around for a number of reasons!
-Texas political leadership has become more despicable than ever, and that isn't a partisan statement!
-Food is life, food is culture, food defines us. You are just being stubborn because food culture has passed you by. Don't be butt hurt because you have decidedly poor taste while your peers have surpassed you in this area. In no way is that a great attribute, it's a small man not admitting his shortcomings to be petty toward culturally elite friends.

SpanishWarDonkey said...

I'm with you on your food comment. Of note though; I've been fighting bad congestion the last week. I tasted my breakfast this morning, and I smiled. It was a welcomed change I didn't think I'd care about.

wordkyle said...

Not much argument from me regarding Republican ineffectiveness. There's a struggle between the Republican establishment, who feel they should guard their phony-baloney jobs at all costs by doling out taxpayer money to buy votes, and those Republicans who feel they should at least tip their hat a bit to those voters who elected them because they promised to reduce the size of government.

Of course, the Democrat machine runs much smoother because the Democrats have no such struggle.

Harry Hamid said...

I agree with Rage to some extent here. Legislative bodies by their nature compromise; Freedom Caucus folks were elected on the idea that compromise and negotiation are bad words.

I'm not sure that a legislative body can function without routine compromises.

I guess it only becomes a problem when the number of people on the hardcore left and right become large enough voting blocks to prevent anything from getting done.

Ted Poe jumped ship, though, so I guess it means that the Freedom Caucus is only 39 strong now.

Anonymous said...

9:07...It was an ass kicking either way!

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to know what your take is on the Tulso officer running over the criminal who was shooting at him. You say the video is shocking, but do you think the officer acted correctly? I'd say his response was genius, but I'm the kind of guy that doesn't like people shooting at him.

Anonymous said...

Former TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin calls himself BoyKING on Twitter. I doubt he is referencing King County where Seattle is located. He plays for the Seattle Seahawks by the way.

Boykin was arrested in Dallas where former TCU quarterback Andy Dalton lives. Dalton left Fort Worth for Dallas (University Park). That's a slap in the face to the Cowtown lovers and a smart move for Mr. Dalton.

Dalton still owns a house in Mira Vista (Cowtown). There are 4 or 5 other houses on his street for sale. I guess he's waiting to sell. I don't know.

Anonymous said...

The Hicks family was not born in Decatur and therefore they are all move ins. According to Decatur logic nothing they do should count.

Anonymous said...

You know Harry, I even had something about Poe in my original post but thought people like Wordkyle might get lost in the facts.

You should not expect Poe to all of a sudden become a reasonable human being. His constant partisanship was laid bare, and now he jumped ship to try and look more reasonable, but since when is "I'm with Trump" a halfway reasonable stance to take? Poe is an attention whore, who is just doing it so more cameras will point his way. One thing long-time Houstonians know about Poe is not to expect him to do anything reasonable, or anything that does not draw attention to himself.


Anonymous said...

Your comment on food definitely goes into your top 10 strangest comments. And you are a very strange person!

Anonymous said...

Glad that cop took down that meth head girl in Ok.

Scooge said...

Now let me get this straight, women can pile on all the concealer and make up they want to deceive men about what really lies beneath... but a guy can't put on make up and act like his favorite Comic book character? and we call that a FELONY?
But a woman can say they are a man, and vise versa, and we have to add a 3rd restroom?
Come on ?!?!?!? I'm moving to North Korea!

wordkyle said...

Right on schedule, "compromise" becomes a buzzword once Republicans take control. When Democrats were in control, "obstruction" -- i.e., opposing the Democrat agenda -- was on everyone's lips. For the sake of those who forget history, in this exact scenario from 2008-2010 when Democrats controlled both Congress and the White House, Democrats rammed through legislation, ignored Republican input, and lorded their political power over Republicans. (Obama to Republicans in 2009, when they tried to offer input on legislation: "“Elections have consequences....And at the end of the day, I won." Or his 2010 comment that Republicans had to "sit in back.")

Compromise is a tool occasionally used to exercise power, not an end in itself.

Anonymous said...

Cracka girls love kids.. Love molesting children....

Anonymous said...

What is with the recent outbreak of And Another teachers? Don't they find us older gentlemen appealing? We are here for you, baby!

DF Balding Overweight Obnoxious Opinionated Guy Hot to Trot

Anonymous said...

Chuck Conners was left handed (see Cubs and Dodgers). Why is he shooting right handed? Because all those hot shells would be hitting his right arm? Any left handed gun lovers out there?

Anonymous said...

If you're good at something, never do it for free.

DF The Joker

Anonymous said...

Wait'll he gets a load of jail time...

Anonymous said...


Awesome comment and the sarcasm is spot on! Not that the Hicks family hasn't contributed, they have and will continue to do so. Incredibly talented family. The "local" Decatur Blue Blood families need to stop inbreeding and producing "banjo players".

mzchief said...

The Republicans' failure to pass the bill tweaking Obama Care proved that Republicans are incapable of compromise, even within their own party. There's little to no reason to believe Republicans can/will compromise with Democrats. The greatest bit of evidence that Republicans are total losers and bigger crybabies than Democrats is the fact that after 18 days of "selling the bill" Republicans declared Obama Care the law of the land and the public is forever stuck with it. However, they're moving on to reforming taxes. WTF? Can you imagine going to a shoe store, trying on ONE pair of shoes and that pair not fitting and saying, "Well I gave it my best shot and those shoes just don't fit. I'll have to go barefoot forever. However, I'm going to go ahead and give my best shot at buying a new suit." FFS What makes congress think it's okay to only take one shot at repairing something as vast as US Healthcare? What a bunch of quitters.

The Republicans attempted to sell their Obama Care Lite bill as a "repeal" when it was nothing of the sort. Republicans worked a total of 18 days to get it passed. REFUSED to negotiate or compromise. FFS Obama Care took 8 months and COUNTLESS carve-outs/compromises to get passed and the Democrats had a super-majority.

Republicans should have passed a TOTAL REPEAL of Obama Care that would have gone into effect 2018. That would have allowed ALL Republicans to take credit for honouring their promise of repeal. Then the Republicans should have worked throughout 2017 to compose the REPLACE part of Healthcare Reform. Of course Republicans would have encouraged Democrats to participate. When the Democrats refused to participate/compromise THEN the Republicans would have been able to point out that it is the Democrats who have no real interest in the well-being of the American people.

The two party system doesn't work and will never work since Republicans and Democrats don't give two spits about the public and have NO reason to cooperate with each other. Put in a VIABLE third party and you can bloody well bet that Republicans and Democrats would work together, if for no other reason than to keep the THIRD party from taking hold.

Yep! People get the government they deserve. It happens when the same people keep voting for the same people.

Just a FYI! I just wrote a check for $6,345.90 for the QUARTLY premium for health ins. for me and my Mr. We've not had insurance pay for anything, in over 5 years, because we don't meet our $5k annual deductible. The "best" the tweaking to Obama Care was going to offer me is that my premiums would go up 20% in the next 4 years. An additional 20% increase, to the VAST increases we've all endured, makes it bloody near impossible for the VAST majority of Americans, who pay for their own insurance, to get on board with merely tweaking Obama Care. It's absolutely shameful that ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES of the American people couldn't come together and reform Healthcare.

A pox on the houses of the Republicans and Democrats as well as the houses of the idiots who keep voting in the dirtbags.

wordkyle said...

mzchief - Just an observation: the Democrats' " COUNTLESS carve-outs/compromises" you mention were with members of their own party, not with Republicans. The "Cornhusker kickback" and other bribes given to Democrats for their votes shouldn't be lost to history.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we really need that. In fact, we should put the raw, unedited photos of horrible accidents on the front page. Might finally save a life; make someone think twice about driving impaired, or on bald tires, or speeding, or otherwise unsafely and risking their and other lives. Look up cigarette packs that are sold in Singapore, and check out the warnings that are put on them. Actual pictures of autopsied lungs, and premature babies dying in a metal tray, etc. Makes that pack you just bought a little less tasty.

Anonymous said...

So today Mischief hates Republicans? Hard to tell which way that hag is blowing some days.

I love the part where she thinks that congress should reform a system that she has been bitching about not being free-market for who knows how long now. What exactly is congress supposed to reform, if you also want a free market?

Anonymous said...

"She was a good person". It's just sad. All terribly sad. This woman at one time was just an innocent kid, never planning on hurting anyone or ever being hurt. Just like all the other little kids who grow up in horrible situations. Probably has a cuter than hell picture in her grade school yearbook. Instead, life turn, all according to God's plan for her, of course, until she is shooting people and being run over on purpose by the officers you were trying to kill.

Anonymous said...

4:14, mzchief has always hated Republicans. She normally calls us Right Wingnuts.