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"Don't Eat Your Weed"

I've never started off wanting to hate a video and do a quicker 180 than watching this thing.

That's greatness. That's funny.

Well done, gentleman. Well done.

(Shout out to the third floor of the courthouse - south side - for tipping me off.)

Edit: The guy on the left is very Ricky Gervais. Why? Check this out from the British The Office. (The bald guy was trying to hold a training session.)


Anonymous said...

If these were two black attorneys would you have started off wanting to hate it??? Your white guilt knows no bounds, smh!!!

Anonymous said...

Slow Golf Clap raising into group clap. Very Nice.

Anonymous said...

That is greatness.

Rick said...

The guy on the left is Will "Stretch" Hutson and he is from Mineral Wells. He was a classmate of mine and an attorney in Waco now. Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

It is time to stand up and legalize cannabis.
Join dfw norml today. I will see you at the next meeting.

Anonymous said...

Is that you David Sloane?