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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Let's check in on the President's security briefing this morning: 
  • The Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas is really a great idea. However, the NFL once again scams the public by having them pay for a state of the art stadium. 
  • Shout out to two young deputies who were involved in a couple of driver's license hearings in Denton with me yesterday. The effort to shake my hand after you were through testifying is an act of professionalism I've not seen in years. 
  • When you talk to a client to wrap up what has been my most gut wrenching case in years, and that conversation occurs on a cell phone as you walk up and down the street that you grew up on, played kick the can on, and rode bikes on, it will be a memory you never forget. And it will cause you to sit on the curb for a very long time. 
  • Greg Abbott on why Texas and not cities should make rules and regulations: "We are the United States of America and not the United States of Municipalities.” Is he OK?
  • The Mavericks are now guaranteed of a having a losing record. This will be the first of a long string of many.
  • Uh, oh. I got followed by these boys on Twitter:
  • Had a reunion in the district courtroom yesterday with two others. We were all rookie prosecutors in the Tarrant County DA's office in 1991.
  • I can't do it justice, but from the video I saw of the closing arguments in the "butt injection" murder trial I came to the conclusion that both the defense lawyer and prosecutor are awful. They could barely utter a complete comprehensible sentence. 
  • We've got five guys sentenced in a sex trafficking case in Dallas. And, yes, I'm posting this simply because of their names: Audry "Spud" Lane, Alvin "Spank" Lane, Chad "Ocho Hood Fame" Johnson, Deon "Spanish Fly" Bonner and Stanley "Pee Wee" Johnson.


Anonymous said...

RTG's right boob is leaking under her skin.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the names of those sentenced in Dallas. That might be one of those well to do people saying something that is racist but they do not realize it is racist thingies you mentioned recently.

Out Rage

Harry Hamid said...

You'd think that secret police would have a more generic twitter account.

Anonymous said...

We were all rookie prosecutors in the Tarrant County DA's office in 1991.

And you graduated law school in 1986? So you were a 29 or 30 year old rookie?

As Paul Harvey used to say, "Here's a strange..."

Triple Fake... said...

Yeah, how can you be "secret" police when you advertise yourselves as secret police?
Hard to tell if this is just rednecks, or what. Sleipnir is an eight-legged horse from Norse mythology

Anonymous said...

I think Abbott got his words jumbled around and meant to say "United Municipalities of America". That doesn't necessarily make what he said sound any better, but it at least makes sense.

I'm surprised you haven't brought up The Ticket doing their big paid trip, multi-day commercial disguised as a segment in Austin last week. They were still talking about it on the Musers today.

Anonymous said...

The Little Rascals arrested in a sex trafficking case? Who knew? I guess Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer and Billie "Buckwheat" Thomas are still on the run!

Anonymous said...


Read Barry's bio on his website. He did civil litigation prior to joining the darkside.

What I find shocking is Barry brags about never having a second chair to help him. A second set of eyes is always helpful.

Anonymous said...

9:25, I'm pretty sure "rookie prosecutor" does not equal "first year lawyer."

I think BG did insurance defense a few years.

Anonymous said...

The secret police sure 'target' a lot of very conservative young people from Bridgeport ISD. If your kid graduated a couple of years ago, they may be on this list. I saw at least 5-6 names from BHS classes of 2012-2014.

Anonymous said...

"When you talk to a client to wrap up what has been my most gut wrenching case in years..."

I was wondering what was with all the introspection yesterday.

Anonymous said...

We all need to sit on the curb and ponder from time to time.
Keep your head up BG...there will be better days.

Tommy Boy said...

Another interesting factoid from the "child" sex trafficking case is that it was investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. What was their nexus?

I say "child" because the girls were mostly 17 and 18.

Also Spud gets 23 years and has to register as a sex offender. That point seems a bit moot.

Anonymous said...

The way rhome cops throw around the n word, you'd think the whole department was in that group.

Anonymous said...


I went by a nickname the entire time I lived in Bport.

I'm white.

My white friends and hispanic friends all used that nickname.

Does that make me racist? Them racist? All of us racist or none of us racist?

Anonymous said...

I wish I hadn't been at the back of the line for cool nicknames. By the the time I got up front, they just weren't even trying.

DF Ocho Hood Frame

Anonymous said...

Anybody else have the gut feeling that whatever office Greg Abbott holds at the time is the one place where he feels the true power should reside? Call me cynical.

DF Rick Perry - feel the Energy

Anonymous said...

What real "secret" anything labels themselves as "Secret..."?

Smells likes some non-law enforcement folks posing as "secret" police in the attempt to make it appear that there really is a "secret" band of fellows.

Reminiscent of several past news stories where the perpetrator ends up being the exact opposite of what you're led to believe (burning of a black church by ....., racially charged graffiti painted by .....)

Stay Classy

Anonymous said...

If you set on the curb, please keep your feet out of the street.

DF Secret Police

Triple Fake... said...

the sex traffickers were not from Dallas, and the case was not tried in Dallas:
Two more members of the street gang Polywood Crips are headed to federal prison for their roles in a child sex trafficking operation.
On Monday in a Fort Worth federal courtroom..."

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

What no black friends?

Anonymous said...

Please disregard the front page story about the congressional inquiry possibly being off the rails. I have sources. Very secret and private sources. With big hands. And those sources tell me there is nothing to connect the White House with Russia. I have prepared a news release to that effect and left it under the second park bench on the right by the Washington Monument in a plain brown envelope. Or was that the microfilm? I always forget what's where.

DF Congressman "Secret Squirrel" Nunes
DF Nyet to all accusations

Anonymous said...


No blacks, Asians or other races lived in the area at the time. Not my fault.

Anonymous said...

You have used that RTG before.

Anonymous said...

The United Municipalities of America would be the correct phrase that he should have, and probably meant to say.