Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Let's check in on the President's security briefing this morning: 
  • The Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas is really a great idea. However, the NFL once again scams the public by having them pay for a state of the art stadium. 
  • Shout out to two young deputies who were involved in a couple of driver's license hearings in Denton with me yesterday. The effort to shake my hand after you were through testifying is an act of professionalism I've not seen in years. 
  • When you talk to a client to wrap up what has been my most gut wrenching case in years, and that conversation occurs on a cell phone as you walk up and down the street that you grew up on, played kick the can on, and rode bikes on, it will be a memory you never forget. And it will cause you to sit on the curb for a very long time. 
  • Greg Abbott on why Texas and not cities should make rules and regulations: "We are the United States of America and not the United States of Municipalities.” Is he OK?
  • The Mavericks are now guaranteed of a having a losing record. This will be the first of a long string of many.
  • Uh, oh. I got followed by these boys on Twitter:
  • Had a reunion in the district courtroom yesterday with two others. We were all rookie prosecutors in the Tarrant County DA's office in 1991.
  • I can't do it justice, but from the video I saw of the closing arguments in the "butt injection" murder trial I came to the conclusion that both the defense lawyer and prosecutor are awful. They could barely utter a complete comprehensible sentence. 
  • We've got five guys sentenced in a sex trafficking case in Dallas. And, yes, I'm posting this simply because of their names: Audry "Spud" Lane, Alvin "Spank" Lane, Chad "Ocho Hood Fame" Johnson, Deon "Spanish Fly" Bonner and Stanley "Pee Wee" Johnson.