The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 So no one thought about the aftermath even if successful?
 I guess the answer is no.
 Me opening up new Random Thoughts comments every morning 
 After careful study, this may be the greatest faceplant of all time.
"Hey, look! A ball pit! I did this as a kid!"


Anonymous said...

In addition to great faceplant, I bet her boobs are sore.

Triple Fake... said...

That's kind of a big "kid" climbing into the ball enclosure. And not really the same thing as a pit

Anonymous said...

In reverse order...

Walmart, what do you expect?

Helmet, check, shin guards, check, elbow pads, check. Yep, good to go.


That melon came from Chuck Norris's garden.

Break check, break check, break check, break check, break check.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The last one is a perfect example of a Republicant in action. So sad, this repeat pattern of high aspirations and rhetoric with zero ability to govern and enact (legally and/or constitutionally). 7 years of BS and all we get is a ball cage climb fail. .