Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Bridgeport Pre-Parole Transfer Facility might close
  • There are reports that the "Cash me outside" girl charges $30,000 to $40,000 per appearance. That cannot be possible. I hope. 
  • The healthcare vote today will be high drama. It should take place mid-afternoon.
  • Trump says that if they fail to pass the bill, he'll just drop the whole project and move onto something else. And we all know how much his words mean. 
  • Horrible news this morning with a disturbing photo: 
  • This is insane:
  • These are the nosiest places in the metroplex. I think I see a pattern: 
  • Trump in the 18 wheeler yesterday acting like he was driving it and honking the horn was very, very funny. He rarely puts him in situations where photos can be taken of him looking silly.