Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Rick Perry, in a Houston Chronicle op-ed piece, questioned the legitimacy of the election that gave Aggieland its first openly gay student body president.  As new Energy Secretary, you'd think he'd spend his time learning about the Department of Energy instead. 
  • Texas Tech's new football practice facility, under construction, caught fire yesterday. It looked worse than it was. 
  • If you think  House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said that Trump was intentionally spied on, you might want to read what he said
  • Jumping off Rufe Snow Drive bridge onto 820 sounds like a horrible way to commit suicide (not that there is any good way.)
  • Wow. The Baylor case that started the entire scandal.  
  • "The geographic size of a country means nothing." - Dennis Prager yesterday. Sheesh. I can think of a handful of reasons. 
  • Both Channel 8 and WBAP did quick stories about students "protesting" about the resignation of a coach in Cleburne. Neither report threw in a sentence to explain why he resigned
  • Trump gave an interview to Time magazine:
  • June Bugs are active little things once they get going. But it makes the Family Cat happy if one sneaks in. 
  • It looks like the Wise County Courthouse is getting a new Texas Historical Marker but it's covered up right now on the East lawn. Anyone know what it is about?