Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • So AG Jeff Sessions lied to Congress about contacts with Russia and he gets to decide if Trump is investigated for alleged contacts with Russia? Makes perfect sense. 
  • "If you're explaining, you're losing." - Ronald Reagan
  • Pete Delkus has to be the worst weatherman in DFW history, right? 
  • I heard the term "parallel investigation" the other day. Basically, it means the feds are doing something illegal in an investigation and then tip off state authorities to have them make it look legal. I'm 100% convinced I'm in possession of a video where DPS made it look legal. 
  • This is disturbing. Not only do we have 16 police officers who are liars but they miraculously escape prosecution by Tarrant DA Sharen Wilson.
  • If I ever hear a New Order song, I trick myself into believing it is brand new. (I actually saw them at Starplex back in the day - or whatever it is called - and that was one insane dancing crowd.)
  • Man, I do a bullet point that I've heard a political rumor and my phone rings off the hook.
  • There's a guy at the courthouse who hates Matt Lauer. How can you hate Matt Lauer?
  • "Judge issues $11,111 bond for Grand Prairie mom who got 8 years in voter fraud case." What's up with that amount? Are judges starting to do bits? 
  • The Ticket's (Bob and Dan) spent an entire segment yesterday on how great Chick Fil A is. That's an ad. Later in the day the Hardline spent a segment promoting some spare new HBO show. It was an ad. I think Cumulus is trying to kill that station.