Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • So Trump's AG admits to lying in front of Congress and recuses himself from any Russian investigations. This Administration is going very well.
  • The lie occurred in response to a question by Sen. Al Fraken. Make no mistake about it, that guy is brilliant. (I first discovered that when I saw him on Celebrity Jeopardy, and he consistently destroys witnesses in a Senate hearings.)
  • But at that critical moment where the AG lied, we've got an intern staring at her phone in the background. 
  • Mrs. LL says I speak with the cadence of Kevin Spacey. 
  • I'll get in Twitter fights from time to time and sometimes I get killed. When that happens, a guy from Bridgeport will post this:
  • This is a crazy story right by the Saginaw cutoff: "James K. Brantley, 24, was killed and Michelle R. Morris, 50, was injured in what deputies called a domestic love-triangle shooting. Her estranged husband, James Lee Morris, 53, then shot himself. He died later Thursday." But another aspect of the story is that Fort Worth has annexed so much land it is hard to get an ambulance to some locations. 
  • "YOUNG PROGRESSIVES – The Wise County Democrats’ Young Progressives Meeting 'First Friday at Fuzzy’s' is 7 tonight at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Decatur. Attendance is limited to progressives in high school and up to age 30." Hey!!!!
  • TCU football has kicked a player off the team for assault.