Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Mr. President, please don't deport her.
  • The Chambers of Commerce for  Bridgeport and Decatur have both named their directors of their Economic Development Boards as Citizens of the Year. 
  • Allergies and sinuses have attacked the Green Household. The Eighth Grader In The House is missing school today, and Mrs. LL managed to throw six sneezes together at 4:00 a.m. 
  • The granting of the right to have reserve constables in Wise County was not without some concern. The following excerpt from the Messenger can almost be interpreted to reinforce  my mantra of "Too many cops?" Our Sheriff, a good guy, said this about his knowledge of how a group of unpaid reserve officers can turn into their own renegade police force:
  • Man, that "another one" jumps out at you, doesn't it? 
  • Warning: I'm about to go Trump intensive . . . .
  • The crowd was small for the Inauguration. Everyone agrees on that.  On Saturday however, Trump gave a speech saying the crowd stretched all the way back to the Washington Monument. 
  • But the parade route was well attended . . .

  • But the most bizarre moment of the weekend was Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer, calling an emergency press conference (the first of the Trump Administration) on Saturday for the sole purpose to say the reports of the small crowds were fake. He had to be ordered to do so by Trump. Folks, this is page right out of the propaganda machine of Joseph Goebbels. Never before in the history of our country do we have a greater need for the press and the media. 
  • And Spicer left the pressing room without taking a single question? You kidding me?
  • On Meet The Press, Kellyann Conway told host Chuck Todd that Spicer was offering "alternative facts" and not falsehoods. Alternative facts. 
  • If you weren't familiar with Spicer he had some hot opinions a few years back . . . 
  • And if Trump is upset by the small crowds, he can always spin it. (Side note: People stop to see a train wreck, too): 

  • Racey Burden of the Messenger is a good writer. I suspect people tell her, "You write just like you talk. I can hear your voice when I am reading." (Disclaimer: I might be partial and biased to that writing style.) 
  • In one of the most under-reported stories of Trump's political campaign is that of Chris Christie. Trump's most loyal foot soldier during the campaign is now completely ignored by the President. Why? Christie, as (amazingly) a U.S. Attorney, prosecuted the father of the the husband of Trump's beloved daughter, Ivanka. And his son-in-law may be Trump's most trusted friend. (Edit: Corrected from a very confusing mess when I first wrote it.)
  • Fox 4 must have hired a consultant which told them to do more "friendly and honest banter" between stories.
  • Start watching Trump's wife's expressions and attitude. She had everything -- a rich former supermodel living in a penthouse in Manhattan. I'm guessing she wants her life back. 
  • WBAP's Brian Estrigde scoffed on Friday at a guest who said there would be hundreds of thousands of people take part in the Women's March on Saturday. "This is breaking news," he sarcastically said to his guest who ended up being deadly accurate. 
  • Let's check in on Fox News' token African-American sheriff. I hope he is ok. (Uh, "riot" and "creeps" and "dared"?)
  • Did you the Messenger's owner has been the voice of the Fort Worth Stock Show for 50 years?