Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • How much money does TCU have? 
  • The Texas lawyer I wrote about, who has become infamous in the Texas legal community, now represents the Proud Boys -- a group I can only describe as a non-violent watered down Klan of guys who couldn't beat up your average high school volleyball player. I learned yesterday he was up at the Wise County courthouse. He'll be back again on 12/11 for a hearing. I'll be there with my popcorn. 
  • Stolen and modified from Richie Whitt: On Thanksgiving day in 2012 Robert Griffin III, Heisman winner and later Rookie of the Year,  shredded the Cowboys with 4 TDs. In the same month, Johnny Football lead the Aggies to an upset of Alabama. Five years later - poof - both gone from football. 
  • Long time readers know I go crazy over news stories disguised as ads. Along those lines, Mrs. LL was watching Survivor the other night and one of the rewards was a meal from Outback Steakhouse. I certainly cocked an eyebrow. Then they show them eating and one guy says, "This meat is so tender it falls off the bone!" It is Idiocracy where everything is sponsored.
  • Remember the Trump federal judicial nominee who has never tried a case or argued a motion, and didn’t disclose that he’s married to a White House lawyer? He spent a year as a paranormal investigator. You can’t make this stuff up.
  • What?
    She looks familiar.
  • The Dallas County ADA who was fired for going on a rant against an Uber driver thought it would be a good idea to make a public apology yesterday. It did not go well as she spent most of her time trying to defend her drunken actions. That lady is the perfect example of the worst kind of prosecutor. She brought down her wrath on defendants every day but when she screws up, she deflects blame. She deserves to be booted.
  • And she said, "That is not who I am." Darlin', that's exactly who you are. We are all are what we are.
  • Fishing news: "Twelve of the 18 lakes would revert to a 14-inch minimum size limit for bass. Those lakes are Granbury, Possum Kingdom, Ratcliff, Bryan, Cooper, Old Mount Pleasant, Bridgeport, Burke-Crenshaw, Georgetown, Madisonville, San Augustine and Sweetwater" Being known as Lake Bridgeport's Kayaking Jimmy Houston, this will impact me greatly.
  • Look out! Sean Hannity has turned on Roy Moore by give him 24 hours to explain himself. (That's very Wild West sounding.)
  • There appears to be a fraternity hazing death at Texas State. I have never understood hazing. Fraternities are as close to Neanderthal as we can get.
  • Bridgeport backed down on its annexation plan. I'm surprised it took them that long. 
  • Welp, I was robbed again. 
  • It will be slow around here today. I'm burying another Family Dog. If 2017 isn't the worst year on record, I'm hard pressed to find a worse one. (And for those who know us, no, it is not the Yorkie.)
  • Mrs. LL, who was crying last night, said, "If you die or Precious [the Yorkie] dies, I'd be devastated." I did the head-cocked-confused-look nod with the thought of, "I think that was sweet because she loves that dog."