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Sweet Home, Alabama

She left out the RIght to Troll Malls as an 32 year old assistant D.A. for teenage girls. I think that's in the Second Amendment, but I'll have to double check. That law stuff is really hard.


Anonymous said...

Skippy, while your checking your Cliff Notes about the second amendment, see if you can find where the constitution says a woman has the right to an abortion. If that law stuff wasn't so hard, every Tom,Dick or Skippy could do it.

Pat said...

See if I got this right.
Mostly Men (and some women) in their 20's and 30's all across America tonight will go to clubs of all kinds and hit hard on people they are attracted to, sometimes saying or doing supposedly inappropriate things in the process. That's been happening for years and always will I think. Lots of perfect marriages started out with this kind of sexual flirting. Lots of relationships were started this way too. Lots of people targeted said no and go f yourself and that was the end of it.

But, it seems, if you grow older and become successful, then the flirtations from the past will come back to haunt you? I'm not reading about the rest of the Americans who did crazy stuff when they were young.
Only the rich or celebrity level people are being attacked today?

Most of them possibly deserve it, but I still see this as unfair somehow. Where are the stories accusing the rest of us of all the things we did years ago?

Anonymous said...

Green's losing it!

Somebody get Green a new straitjacket or one of those weighted blankets.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Barry. You hit the trifecta with this one & brought Bubba to a screaming weekend! ;)

Anonymous said...

But the problem is (1) 14 year old girls and (2) assaulting them. You may have - decent people don’t

Anonymous said...

11:36--do you actually think the Constitution is where we get our rights from?

You're not really that stupid, are you?


Anonymous said...

2:11, Think maybe Woke was using the magic sarcasm font.

Anonymous said...

How creepy do you have to be to get banned from the mall for being creepy? Roy Moore knows !! I dont know this for a fact ... I just know it :)