The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A fire alarm went off in the Wise County Courthouse before 7:30 this morning. That caused quite a bit of commotion, and it certainly got my attention when I saw the "Pumper/Tanker Truck" on the square.
  • The company who makes Keurig Coffee Makera pulled its advertising from Sean Hannity's show after Hannity defended Roy Moore by saying even if the allegations were true it was consensual. His fans retaliated by destroying their expensive Keurig machines they had already purchased. Uh, ok. 
  • Redi Wip, Dick's Sporting Goods,, genetic testing company 23 and Me, plus-size fashion firm Eloquii and vitamin company Nature's Bounty have also told Hannity they want to break up and don't love him anymore. 
  • Roy Moore heavy: 
    • News came out yesterday that Moore signed the year book of his 14 year old alleged victim. He was a 32 year old assistant DA and he ended the note with "Love,". If you don't understand how creepy that is, you have a serious problem. Uh, pull out your yearbook and find one signature of someone over 18 who was not a teacher. (Minor side note: And he signed it with "D.A." Buddy, you were assistant D.A.)
    • Now there is a report he was banned from a mall in the 1980s because he was bothering teenage girls.
    • I love those folks defending Roy Moore because it "was a different time back then." I became DA at 30 years old in 1993. If I had dated a Decatur High School girl then or two years later, I would have had my arse kicked within a week. If not by her father, it would have been some guy who learned about it while having morning coffee at Mattie's. 
    • It's amazing that folks who were screaming "Lock her up!" about Hillary believe that Roy Moore, an accused pedophile, should be given a trial and presumed innocent before any judgment in the court of public opinion can be made. 
    • Understand how this Roy Moore fiasco has come to be: (1) Trump appoints Jeff Sessions as AG, a Senator from Alabama, because Steve Bannon told him to. That creates an open Senate seat in Alabama. (2) The Russian scandal breaks out and Sessions recuses himself and appoints Mueller as special counsel who is now after Trump with indictments to come, (3) The Alabama Senate seat is now open and Trump endorses Moore's opponent yet Moore wins. (4) Now we have chaos with more pedophile allegations against Moore and the Republicans might lose a critical senate seat in Alabama.  Heck, House of Cards wouldn't write this script. 
    • Cornyn has withdrawn his endorsement. So has Cruz. For those two to admit they were wrong might prove we are at the end of days. 
    • Radio host Mark Davis said yesterday  he would vote for Moore if he lived in Alabama because there cannot be a Democrat in that Senate seat
  • I played this game to no end when I was kid. It was simplistic, silly, and the greatest thing I had ever seen.
  • This is the official description from Dallas PD of that horrible car wreck that I posted a pic of yesterday. I don't think that's the proper use of "complainant" 
  • The New Yorker
  • Jerry Jones is morphing into Al Davis. But Jerry vs. The NFL is big time entertainment. 
  • Boyd ISD has cancelled classes on Thursday to allow the kids to go to the State Volleyball Tournament in Garland. I really don't have any problem with that.
  • That Dallas prosecutor got fired for her drunken rant which basically was a, "Do you know who I am?" rant. The most shocking part of the rant, which is under-reported, is when she said she was calling the cops to "[eff] you up." (But it's good to now that the Uber driver found the last Glamour Shots studio.)
  • The optical illusion over at BagOfNothing this morning freaks me out. 
  • Hey! A lynching memorial and slavery museum in Alabama!: