Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There apparently was a big time Democrat contributing Texas lawyer, Steven Mostyn, who passed away due to suicide. He was 46. He has a Wikipedia page and it is not flattering.  I had never heard of him. 
  • This is an example of the stupid exchanges I have with Mrs. LL. Yesterday, she thought that we should get a French Bulldog. My reply:
  • Odd trivia: In Talladega Nights, that line only appears in the DVD and cable versions. The released version in theaters had a line about raising Komodo dragons. Odd.
  • Roy Moore is dumb. He doesn't understand what contitutes "evidence." And this guy is a lawyer and served on the Alabama Supreme Court until being removed against his will. Twice.
  • I had the weirdest moment yesterday in the Wise County Courthouse. And it might be on security video. I'd tell you more about it, but I can't. Let me just say it ended up with torn up paperwork. 
  • Minnesota might, and I stress "might", boot Al Fraken on this new scandal in the next election. They probably should. But I bet Alabama will elect Moore. The South is still the South. 
  • The ending to Moore's press conference was gold when some woman got up to field questions, Moore walked off, and the woman ended it with her saying "I paid for this microphone" and "I appreciate you coming because you probably got more church than you have in the last ten years."  I think I'm going to make "Got More Church?" a bumper sticker in honor of the old, "Got Milk?" phrase.
  • The only comfort I have that Trump has the nuclear codes is that there is no way he will be able to punch them in without screwing it up.
  • This is bizarre: "Police in the Collin County city of Princeton have arrested four people in a murder-for-hire plot of a single mother stemming from a love triangle."
  • It's been a hard year for The Family Unit and dogs. Yet, this made me laugh yesterday:

  • You know who benefits greatly from Trump's Tax Plan that passed in the House yesterday? Me. You know who wants it to fail in the Senate?  Me.
  • The lady with the "[Expletive] Trump" sticker has been arrested. Luckily for the Sheriff, it was on unrelated charges. The DA's office told the Sheriff they wouldn't accept any charges for the sticker. 
    Obviously a Clear and Present Danger
  • Look out: TCU's QB Kenny Hill will not be making the trip to Tech this weekend. And by "look out" I mean that I think TCU still rolls with a true freshman QB. #SportsGenius
  • Johnson and Johnson is getting crushed with verdicts. That's the third one in Dallas and there are others across the country.
  • Deion Sander's 29,000 square foot house in Prosper is up for auction. WFAA has a video of the inside. It's insane.